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This Saturday, The Note in West Chester is preparing for the arrival of one of Chester County’s most traveled, hardest working bands: ZELAZOWA, who are celebrating 10 years of incinerating music venues globally with their music. This group of Downingtown High friends and family members began just before the turn of the millennium.

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Bryan Weber, the group’s lead singer and rhythm guitar player, teamed up with buddy Terry Sharkey on drums. Enlisting Terry’s cousin Ian Sharkey on bass, the band began playing high school shows and house parties. Soon after graduation, the band had an opening when their fourth member decided to move on to other adventures. In steps Kyle Weber, Bryan’s brother, and whose 30th birthday celebration is taking a spot on the billing for this Saturdays show. With the line up finally solidified and several small tours under their belt during breaks from college the band decided on their name, ZELAZOWA.

The boys of ZELAZOWA quickly became furious road animals, playing in any venue in any state. If that wasn’t enough, they decided to take their particular style of alternative rock of to Europe and show them what Downingtown guys are made of. For the better part of four years ZELAZOWA toured incessantly, honing their abilities as artists and becoming tighter as a band. “We were just better, more intuitive and aware of each other while on stage and winning over more and more fans as a result,” said Bryan Weber during our recent interview.

ZELAZOWA released their debut, Rest Easy in 2005. Tracks like “1,000 Smiles,” “Propeller,” and “Dandelions” frame out a band becoming comfortable with a sound yearning to be un-caged. It was on the road that most of the material for their second album, Elephants On A Mouse Hunt (2009) was recorded. It is here where ZELAZOWA really hits their stride: powerful and poignant percussion, a driving melodic bass, attacking lead guitar and sky scraping vocals delivering intentional, intelligent lyrics. For 2011s Love Is Lunacy, the band takes a seat in the audience and looks back into them. As they begin to cross over the age of 30, taking the journey of life deeper, they explore just who they are as individuals and as a group. Also, and maybe not ironically, Love Is Lunacy happens to be their most polished album to date. Trust me when I say however, that these guys are not done yet and they intend to melt every face in attendance this Saturday.

It was also on the road that ZELAZOWA developed their side business venture, a website to support musicians who wanted to make it on their own just like they did. In 2008 they launched Indie On The Move (www.indieonthemove.com), and since then they have been steadily adding venue after venue to their database so that other bands can book their own tours. ZELAZOWA has always had a very self-motivated, do-it-ourselves mentality. Sure, offers have come across their stage before but they have always opted to remain independent for the sake of independence. And in the end, Bryan said, “we have a treasure trove of stories, experiences, and accomplishments that we all made happen on our own. It’s really something to be proud of. And we are.”

Here’s what you need to know:
Who: ZELAZOWA w/ Murph and Penrose
Where: The Note, 142 East Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382
When: Saturday, November 23, 2013, doors at 7:30/show at 8:30
Tickets: $11-$14, available at www.thenotewc.com
Why: ZELAZOWA celebrates 10 years and the 30th birthday of member Kyle Weber, and because good rock music is so hard to find these days that it would be unspeakable to miss out on this spoon-feed treat.
Web: www.zelazowa.com

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