Women Wake Up Grumpier Than Men

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According to a Duke University survey, women wake up far more grumpier than their male counterparts. In fact, females need far more sleep than men and suffer more mentally and physically if forced to go without it, researchers suggests.

“In this particular study, women had more depression, anger and hostility early in the mornings when they weren’t getting the same amount of sleep that they normally get.” The study concluded that if you consistntly have less than 6 hous of sleep, not only are you emotionally affected but you’re also physiologically affected – women had an increase in clotting factor which leads to stroke. Also, lack of sleep increases inflammmation factors that lead to wide spread pain, so women could be in more pain than men, just from lack of sleep.

So, it appears that the lack of sleep that women experience can put them at a higher risk than men. In fact, men with sleeping problems showed no risk of the conditions that were affecting women.

So let the women in your life sleep!

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