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Call N J Rose Decorating & Window Tint today to discuss how VISTA window tint can save you money on air conditioning costs while protecting your home interior at the same time. 

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During these extremely hot summer days, window tint can make a 10 degree difference in a rooms temperature which translates into a cost savings for the homeowner. VISTA window tint is the industries leading window tint as well as an Energy Star product. N J Rose Decorating is proud to be a VISTA priority dealer.

We pay a lot of money for our home and it’s furnishings, purchasing window tint to protect it is a small investment to protect a very large investment.  Consider the cost of window tint as further equity in your home. 

Not only is window tint an energy savings, it is also the only other option to drapes or blinds to protect against the effects of the suns harmful UV rays which cause fading and over time deterioration of furniture, fabrics, rugs and floors.

N J Rose is proud to be a VISTA window tint priority dealer; not only for the quantity of tint we sell but most importantly for our excellence in selection of the best tint for your particular need.

We have a tint for every window – door and skylight in your home.

N J Rose has the only window tint display in the State of Pennsylvania. Visit our showroom to see for yourself.

N J Rose Decorating
Window Tint

Help You Beat The Heat – Save Energy $’s
Protect furniture, floors, rugs, fabrics and more……

 N J Rose Decorating & Window Tint will help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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