She Said: Why Sellers Should be Jumping for Joy

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If you haven’t been exposed to what has been happening the the local Chester County Real Estate market in the last few months, you may want to sit down.  It may surprise you that what was a Buyer’s market (for several years) has shifted, and in some areas actually favors Sellers.  Yes, I know it’s hard for some of you to believe. But we are seeing it every day.  New properties hitting the market that are in good condition (and priced right) are receiving multiple offers and sometimes with prices negotiated higher than list price.  Now don’t get too excited.  These conditions are not universal.  These homes must be priced right and in good condition.  Cases of unrealistic Sellers abound, as always.

Experts predicted this would occur some time ago and it was hard to believe at the time.   Houses had been languishing on the market for many months, sometimes years.  Desperate sellers lowered prices to bargain rates to draw offers.  Concessions were made, often painful to Sellers. 

But the switch has been flipped, especially for lower priced properties.  Inventory of houses is considerably lower than this time a year ago.  Some people who are qualified and ready to buy are not able to find a home to purchase.  Realtors are on the hunt for homeowners who might consider selling, especially in popular neighborhoods.  Buyers who delay in making an offer miss house after house to other buyers’ offers.

This begs the question about the affect of this market shift on prices. While we are seeing buyers and sellers agreeing on higher prices, appraisals continue to be a hurtle. Appraisers use historical data, and the data does not yet support these higher prices.  Some deals must be renegotiated to agree with a lower appraisal.  But over time there will be upward movement.  But SLOW upward movement. 

So if you have been thinking about selling but have been reluctant to get “beat up” by buyers, now is the time to take action.  You may get a better price due to competing offers and high demand.  Life is good!  And you can buy while the rates are still ridiculously low.

But before you take that important step, you need to make sure your price and condition are at the right place.  And this is where a quality Realtor can help.  Hitting the market without the right price and condition is a big mistake.  Curious to know what you might get for your house?  Give me a call for a no obligation estimate of your home’s value (and tips on getting it ready for sale).   And go out and celebrate because it’s a great time to both Buyer and Sell!

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