Why Is Writing So Important?

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It is common knowledge that writing is an essential skill for students of all ages – but have you ever really questioned why? What does a focus on good writing really achieve? More than you may think! While many of us may admit that writing is not our forte – and involves more anxiety than enjoyment – it’s overall purpose actually results in development of much more than one particular skill. 

Recently, I’ve had many parents contact me questioning why the SAT contains so much vocabulary and a mandatory essay. Initially, many are inclined to have their child only take the ACT, thinking that the test is easier since it is more content-based as opposed to an assessment of critical thinking and reasoning. What does the writing section really evaluate anyway? For the college-bound student, effective writing skills are perhaps the most valuable asset that they can rely on for success – both in their education and future profession. Similarly, middle school students are asked to complete writing assignments based on their reading – and the foundation of critical thinking is essential to their writing abilities later in life. Here is why:


1. Writing Influences the Way We Think.  It forces us to confront issues, define our own feelings and beliefs, and enables us to express ourselves effectively. On both individual assignments and the writing prompts provided on tests like the SAT, students are asked to not just summarize – but synthesize information. They need to exemplify that they have a personal connection with the subject matter and are able to state their position concisely, lucidly, and in a sophisticated manner. Supportive reasoning is a required component. We shouldn’t accept a complacent answer from our students. Ultimately, good writing is a result of good thinking. 


2. Writing Contributes to the Way We Learn. It is a critical component to being a good reader. Writing enhances our ability to understand what we encounter in both reading and in life – and allows us to pause and really glean the deeper meaning from both. It helps build vocabulary, organization skills, and effective communication of ideas to others.


3. Writing Paves the Way for Success in College and/or a Career.  It lays a solid foundation for specialized training and advancement in the future. Writing promotes greater creativity and a broader vision of other viewpoints that may influence how we approach challenges. It also increases productivity and development as both individuals and professionals. Now is the time in your child’s education to establish an essential job skill that will be utilized as a measure of their abilities and potential success.


4. Writing Enriches Personal Growth.  It allows us to pause and reflect on our own personal experiences and express who we really are. It heightens our understanding of ourselves, life, society as a whole, and our community. Writing helps us to examine critically our own beliefs and assumptions and communicate them to others. 


Overall, writing is an essential means of promoting your child to develop keen insight. Students of all ages should be able to effectively express their ideas and therefore gain the most from their educational experience. Rather than being viewed as a chore or an assignment to merely complete – we should encourage our children to approach writing subjectively. It is an opportunity for them to develop their character, exemplify who they are, and let new information really resonate with their own experiences and convictions. 


At Triumph Tutoring, Inc., we focus on helping students of all ages to define their strengths and develop an approach to their weaknesses that promotes life-long growth and eliminates anxiety. Whether it is a middle school assignment, a high school research paper, SAT Prep, or a college application essay – our English tutors are dedicated to teaching students how to approach writing in a meaningful and productive way. Let us help your child improve their writing -and ultimately, improve their future. 


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