Why Do We Have to Call Them Booties?

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It took me a long time to get on board with the fashion trend of ankle booties.  I used to think they cut off women’s legs and made ankles look too thick — especially if worn poorly.  Maybe I just have a deep seated resentment about wearing something bearing the same name as a piece of infant clothing.  I prefer “ankle boots”.

Maybe my resistance was  worn down or perhaps my feelings are really changing because recently I  truly fell in love with this look.   I’m all-in.   I get it  —  booties are cute and add a little sass to every outfit and look, and you can create eye-catching looks with ankle boots ( I’ll call them booties for now). 

A few ideas on how to wear this hot fashion trend:

  1.  With skirts!  This is the toughest look to master but when you do it well, it’s dynamite.  Wearing a skirt and tights that match the booties, you create a monochromatic elongated look while your feet send you hugs and kisses because they are warm and comfy. If you wear booties with a pencil skirt, be sure to pick a more neutral color boot and a more neutral color stocking in the same color family.   You can get a little more daring with an A-line skirt, even wearing some funky patterned or colorful tights because the shape of the skirt naturally slims the the leg line.                                                                                                                                         b2ap3_thumbnail_pencil-skirt-and-bootie.jpg                                                                                                                                          
  2. With pants!  You can wear booties just like shoes with pants.  It’s a little more hum-drum than what we aspire to here.  You can partner booties with pants in fun ways: rolling, cuffing or cropping pants.  Show off the boot.  Show off a little hint of leg.  With colorful trouser socks or chunky socks, it is a fun casual look.  The rolling vs. cuffing depends on the pants and your level of comfort with dishevel—can you take the roll or do you need a neat fold?  The choice is all yours, Friend.                                                                                          b2ap3_thumbnail_booties-with-jeans.jpg
  3.  With leggings!  This is the most obvious partner and the look you see most often.  The leggings nicely tuck into boots.  You need an oversized sweater or long tunic top to balance this look, please.  Leggings and short tops are a no-go no matter what your age.  Make your leggings look dressier by matching them to the boots.  Another fun look is to have the top and the boots match while the leggings are a darker (read: slimming) color.  A good example is a gray or silver top with gray booties and black leggings.                                          b2ap3_thumbnail_bootie-with-leggings.jpg

At Clothes Mentor, we have all of these styles, every day for 70% off mall prices.  We know that it is fun to try new looks and flex our fashion muscles at a fraction of retail cost.  These bootie looks all begin with closet staples (skirt, pants, leggings) and add on a fun, creative spin.  Keeping the creative spin in budget while you test drive a new look is always our goal at Clothes Mentor.

Our team members wear booties regularly!  Here are some of their favorite ideas or pairings:


Brynn: I like booties because they are a nice change from boots and a great alternative for women with shorter legs to give them some length.  Pair booties with leggings and a sweater dress or with cuffed skinny jeans with a tunic sweater or blazer/top combo.  Perfect for a Casual Friday look or for going out after work with girlfriends. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_JuliClothesMentor.pngJuli: I love booties!  They are so comfortable in the winter—keeping my feet warm is a priority.  I can wear them with pants or tights for a more modern look.  My favorite outfit is black booties with a heel and black opaque tights.  Matched with a black knit dress and a colorful statement necklace or something with a sparkle works wonders.  They work for every woman regardless of calf size so I always recommend booties for our customers.






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