When Is It Time For A Tutor?

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“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”

 – Anonymous

            All too often, modern society tends to associate academic tutoring with a deficiency – or as a child’s inability to earn “good” grades. However, this is not the case. There are many reasons to seek out individual tutoring for your child, and poor performance in school is only one of them. All students need help at some point in the academic career –and could greatly benefit from individualized instruction that is tailored specifically to their learning style. Even advanced students can utilize tools for success that they may learn better from a tutor than from the teacher in their classroom. So how do you know if it’s time for your child to begin working with a tutor? Here are some typical signs that may serve as good indicators:

  1. Your child’s grades are suffering, and they seem overwhelmed or disinterested in learning.

  2.  You notice that your child is merely rushing through assignments, but not retaining information long-term.

  3. You find that your parent/child relationship is strained, and that an objective party might be able to get your child to respond more positively.

  4. Your child is not taking initiative or responsibility for their own learning process.

  5. Your child seems to be scattered and not able to manage their time well.

  6. Your child – although an advanced student – seems to be struggling with self esteem, social issues, or motivation for future endeavors.

  7. Your child – who earns perfectly good grades – does not demonstrate desire to connect with material learned.

  8. You child needs to learn how to set goals – and achieve them – even if they are not academically related.

When I began my company, Triumph Tutoring, Inc., I set out to provide students with a tutor who assists with so much more than homework support. I firmly believe that ALL students, regardless of their academic standing, could benefit from being taught accountability, self-confidence, and the tools needed to set attainable, but appropriately challenging goals. It may be a cliché saying, but today’s children are the future – and if we don’t seize the opportunity now to teach them that they must seek out and earn what they want, then we are neglecting our responsibility to raise our children to create a better tomorrow. Tutoring is a valuable service that has life-long results. It’s an investment in not only your child’s education, but also in their character. Take this opportunity to guide your child to discover their strengths, their purpose in life, and learn from their mistakes.

         Triumph Tutoring, Inc. has certified and experienced tutors who will work with your child to navigate them through academic and social challenges. We can not only help in the immediate, but also create an Individualized Action Plan where your child is taught strategies for life-long success. Through individual tutoring, your child will not just learn information, they will gain wisdom. They will not simply complete assignments – they will acquire the skills for how to complete them. They will build a character of virtue – one that includes responsibility, the value of working towards a goal, and the persistence to use every difficulty as a learning opportunity. Consider offering your child the chance to experience success in all areas of their life, and contact us today:


Email: info@triumphtutoring.com

Phone: 610-235-7015

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