West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts Summer Camp: My 10-Year-Old’s Perspective

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GroupOnStageScaledIf you read the first article of our 6-part summer series on the West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts, you would know that I was absolutely thrilled to find a top-notch theatre camp for my 10-year-old right in West Chester. I was so amped that I signed up “Little Bird”, as I call her, for basically the entire summer. The camp is run by an incredible cast of instructors who bring an enormous amount of talent and experience to each week’s theatrical theme. Little Bird’s inaugural week, “Glee Week”, was a huge success and I couldn’t wipe the smile off her face all week. Score for mom! I was a little nervous for the second week, “Theatrical Production Jr.” because the kids would be performing a play instead of a musical and I wouldn’t have been surprised if she sang all of her lines and turned it into a musical. Click the Read More button below to read her journal entries for the week and see if I scored another mom point...and learn how to win a prize worth $350!!!

Day 1: We got our scripts for a play called, “Christmas in July”. We said the lines, read through the script and at lunch they decided who would get what part. After lunch they announced our parts and we started practicing. I got to play two parts Farrel and autumn! You make lots of friends. We played the name game to get to know everyone. It was fun and a little tough to remember everyone’s name. They make you practice so much that it feels like you have been here for a week, it’s so fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

kidsmakingbackdropscaledDay 2: Today we started blocking. Blocking is when you start putting things together without our scripts. We did pretty good but sometimes we took a peek at our lines. We got to go on stage and started designing the set. We discussed our costumes and what to bring in for our show on Friday. They taught us how to express your character. With Santa, he had to have a loud voice because we were all in a crowd and he had the first line. Santa was supposed to be in an argument with the New Year (another character) and his elf had to be very mad. I learned that even if you don’t like the suggestions that the directors give you, once you actually see it, you realize that they were right and it looks better.

Day 3: It’s only the middle if the week and it feels like you have been here for a year and you have been besties with everyone for your whole life. We started finishing up the set, scenery, and costumes. When we were at lunch, we all started talking and talking and talking…then we got to some crazy topics and piggy backs…then it all just ended up super crazy. We took out random stuff and props from the closet and put on mini-plays and had a blast. We all tried to see who could get the couch and showed off our tricks and talents. I’m so happy I joined this week I’m so prepared and ready for the show on Friday.

NewYearandGroupScaledDay 4: We started dress rehearsal and put up our set. It was so cool because we got super cute costumes and props. I’m soooooo excited for the show tomorrow. I think everyone is ready. I was a little nervous but the directors helped make you feel like you were ready. Some of my friends were nervous and thought they might forget their lines or not say them the right way and some of my friends weren’t nervous at all.

Day 5: We have our show today and I’m super crazy excited. I can’t wait to perform. I think we can do it. So, it’s after the show and I feel so good. I can’t believe that we did a whole show without any mistakes! I’m also really sad that it is over. But even though it’s over, I’m going to camp next week so I get to see some faces I’m familiar with. Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Final notes: I had the best time at this camp. I think it is a great experience for kids who want to become an actor or actress.

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