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The temps are rising, the birds are chirping and the trees are budding in West Chester. The time has come to pull out the shorts, dust off the cleats, unearth the sports equipment and grab the sunscreen. The first day of spring is March 20th and it’s time to reclaim the outdoors!

Once you have all your sports gear organized, the next question might be, “what do I do now?” The West Chester Sport and Social Club can take care of all your outdoor activities.  If you are a social creature by nature, crave team sports and meeting new people, then this is the club for you.

West Chester Sport and Social Clubs offers Cornhole (a classic West Chester tradition), Dodgeball (Dip, Duck, Dodge, Dive and Duck), Football (coed touch and men’s flag), Kickball (oh how I miss my grade school playground), Volleyball, Soccer and Softball. Don’t worry if you were the star athlete or the last one picked at gym class, all levels are welcome at the club.

Check out their website by clicking on the logo above and find the sport for you – it might be just the fun you need.

Spring Softball Starts April 1st!

About Us

The West Chester Sport and Social Club is the towns largest provider of recreational sports leagues, premier social events and local social networking! With over 1,500 annual participants, the West Chester Sport and Social Club has become the place to meet and compete with active young professionals all over West Chester!. Our number one priority is giving you places to play your favorite sports and places to meet up with new and old friends every day of the week! These are to best coed adult sports leagues in West Chester!

West Chester Sport and Social Club strives to provide high quality sports leagues, social events, and tournaments and membership perks!  We’ve got something for everyone; whether you want to play in the sand in one of our summer tournaments or play on the field in our football or softball leagues. Whatever your interests are, we’ve got something to fill your calendar. Tired of the same routine, sign up as an individual and we’ll place you on a team! Can’t part with your college buddies, dust off your old jersey’s and get back in the game! We offer levels for all abilities, and no skill level is too little or too big!

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