West Chester Film Festival 2013

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This past weekend was the 9th annual West Chester Film Festival.  I have never attended, but this year, I felt like I encountered the a lot more Buzz about it and I was thinking about checking it out. In an unusual turn of events, I was offered a couple of Press Passes got to experience it for the first time.

Despite being an art school prospect once upon a time, I have never been an independent film person. Is that a stereotype? Maybe…I didn’t fall into it though. With the stereotype in mind, I was a little leery, but I had a great time!

The fest kicked off with a party at Iron Hill Brewery. $25 dollars got you a boat load of delicious h’orderves and drinks. Directors and film makers mingled with attendees and there was even a mini red carpet – barely visible in my adorable selfie below…

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After the party I was getting psyched to catch some films on Saturday, but unfortunately, I ended up with 2 sick kiddos and was only able to get out during nap time.
I attended the Young Filmmakers Block B at the Knights of Columbus from 1-3pm. Again, slightly leery – young filmmakers…
But I was pleasantly surprised 🙂
I think, overall, I was drawn to the humorous shorts, which is unusual for me. My favorite was Sole Muzak, about the disappointment and triumph of a young elevator music composer. It was quirky and well written.
Another film I was really impressed with was Letting Go. The silent and emotional film was about a girl who loses her grandfather and how she grieves. At the end you find out that the girl who wrote it also was the actress and composed and performed closing song!
I wish that I could have gotten to more films and the closing ceremony, but it’s hard to get out with three little kids. Truth be told, Friday night was my first night out since having the baby.
I congratulate all the film makers on a job well done.
Until next year!

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You can see what film-goers had to say about this years Festival but searching #wcffest13 on twitter!

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