“We are what we are”…or are we?

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by Courtney Boslough


“We are what we are.” Those five little words pieced together to describe the lack of progress by the Philadelphia Eagles. As Andy Reid muttered this sentence at his post-game press conference Sunday evening, one could see the lack of inspiration in his inpatient eyes.


Reid started out most of his phrases that evening with “listen,” as the frustration behind his voice grew. But let’s get real; the ones who are most frustrated are the fans. Andy Reid has had plenty of chances to acquire a Super Bowl ring. In all of his coaching years since 1999, Reid has given Philadelphia only one championship in 2004.


A few months ago, Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie, promised Philadelphia that if Andy Reid didn’t have a higher record this season than 8-8, his career as the Eagles head coach would be over.


Right now the Eagle’s record is 3-6. Meaning, in the next seven games we need to go 5-2 to even break-even.  With two games against the Redskins and a game against the Giants and Cowboys, Reid’s future is looking bleak.


Jeremy Maclin, Eagles wide receiver, said, “This organization is not used to it, individual players aren’t used to it, this team isn’t used to it. Last year was pretty rocky, but to be sitting here 3-6 is not what anyone envisioned or planned.” 

This is exceptionally noted since ESPN was calling the Philadelphia Eagles the “Dream Team” at the beginning of 2011’s season after acquiring cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and back-up quarterback Vince Young. And as always, the Eagles broke hearts with an 8-8 ending, a nonexistent spot in the playoffs, and a New York Giants Super Bowl.

Even this year, titles such as the “Redeem Team” were being spread around Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and for a split second, that’s what it felt like. The Eagles won their first two games, each by scoring in the last two minutes. Then it was the fateful fall to the Arizona Cardinals followed by the anxiety ridden win to the New York Giants. From there, it has all gone downhill.

Poor defense, a quarterback who can’t hold onto the football, and an excruciatingly bad offensive line are just a few of the issues plaguing the Philadelphia Eagles.
So where do we put the blame? At the end of the day, the head coach is the one that needs to strap on his pads and take the real hit – the truth.
Andy has been around for fourteen seasons. He’s had his fair share of time to win a Super Bowl. If it hasn’t happened yet, it never will. 

Of course he should get credit for the fact that he came to Philadelphia without experience as an offensive or defensive coordinator. Let’s also remember the fact that our division has had 12 coaching changes (New York, Dallas, and Washington) and Andy Reid adapted to the different coaching styles that came along with those.

However, Andy Reid’s time is up in Philadelphia. The issue at large is a coach who acquired amazing, standout players, yet continues to fall to a lower record each week. The numbers just don’t add up. It’s time for some fresh blood and new ideas to work the Eagles into the Super-Bowl-worthy team Philadelphia fans know they can be. 

Meghan Kelly

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