Wandering Boom Booms

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When I was a teenager and I met a girl that I was attracted to for the first time, I would nervously stumble into the “how about this weather we’re having” chat. In those instances, I was pretty unsuccessful with acquiring said

girl’s phone number because everyone knows; even a 14-15 year old boy talking about the weather isn’t cool.

However, when recent meteorological events occurred, it has been very hard to avoid the 5-day forecast dialogue – especially when it wakes you in the middle of the night and sounds like the true impact of a THX Surround Sound Movie Mode Theater System.


Mind you, not just one night, but THREE in a row! Then, for extra measure, Friday, August 19th around 6pm, it happened again! Listening to the cacophony of nature’s power, it reminded me of a genuine, Hollywood-created rainstorm. I know we need the rain, but this is ridiculous.

I absolutely LOVE a thunderstorm. I am enveloped in the sound of the rain, mesmerized by the lightening flashing across the sky and delightfully shaken by the finale of a huge boom of the thunder. I still count, just like we were taught in the movie Poltergeist, the seconds in-between flash and boom, calculating how many miles away the lightning hit. My recent counting experience in West Chester is almost instantaneous at times. Sharp cracks, crackles, snaps, and tremendous explosions, as if you had the THX system turned up to 11 (cheap reference to the movie “This is Spinal Tap”). The late Great Jim O’Brian, Action News weather man, would have called these “Wandering Boom Booms”.

While reveling in the most recent storm, my son, Mike Jr., sent me a text asking if I was recording this with my high-end, HD Video Camera. What an awesome idea! Only, I left my camera in Philly. Scrounging around the house, I found a 12-year-old DV recorder and I taped away. Before clicking on the link below, I warn you, the quality is pretty poor compared to, what we as a nation, are used to watching. Not much better than, dare I say, a VHS tape (kids, ask your parents).

I know for most of the population, the jury is still out on global warming, or as the experts now refer to as climate change, but when you have experienced weather patterns in one region for 54 years and they start to change as they are, you would be remiss if you didn’t ask the question and continued to ask the question until there is an answer. Something is amiss and it scares the doubt out of me.

With that said, click the link below, sit back, and enjoy old technology capturing our new weather patterns.

Enjoy the Wandering Boom Booms!


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