Walking & Shopping – A study on walking distances while shopping in West Chester & Exton Mall

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I have heard reasons for shopping at the Exton Mall instead of Downtown West Chester because of the parking is so far away from the shops where you would like to browse or purchase items from. I, most likely, am not the first to say that the Mall is so big and the parking is so crowded that in order to park & shop West Chester Borough’s Downtown is much closer than the average distances shopping at the Exton Mall.

Getting a parking spot for Iron Hill: first I cruise by Iron Hill to see if I can get a most unlikely spot out front. Getting front row parking in the borough is like driving into the Mall and driving down the isle and parking in front of the store of you choice and parking there for two hours while you eat or shop or walk around. Awesome! So, the downside is, it will cost you two bucks in quarters & if the meter runs out it’s $20. If you were asked or given the option of parking in front a store in the isle at the Mall, would you pay two dollars to the Mall to do so? Absolutely!

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