Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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By Kristy Mak

Bright Lights.  Beautiful Women.  Great Music.  Sexy Lingerie.  What else could it be but the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  This year for the first time, I had the opportunity to sit and watch the event in the comfort of my PJs, but the spectacle drew me in and had me excited about bras and panties like I had never been before!  The show highlighted the mega successful lingerie company’s (founded by a man who wanted to create a place where men didn’t have to be embarrassed to shop in) everyday and special occasion collections, magically transforming them into themes from outside of the bedroom.    The show was split into 6 themes, with long legged “angels” gracing the runway in imaginative and creative fashions.

The show opened with a scene reminiscent of Black Swan. Elegant ballerinas in red tutus and ribbon laced shoes doing the impossible on their toes for a brief number, and then the dancers scurried off the runway to make way for the real stars of the show.  The FASHION!

The Pretty Reckless ’s “You Make Me Want To Die” blares from the speakers as the girls clad in feathers and lace start walking the runway.  This collection was feminine and delicate, just as a ballerina would be.  You saw mostly lavenders, pinks and pale yellows with girls in butterfly wings, tutus and lace up heels. I also noticed a lot of jeweled headbands to match the outfits.   I loved that the stylists mainly stuck with red shoes despite the pale tones of each look.  I thought it showed the strength and toughness that not all people associate with ballet.  The show ended with 2 red and white outfits, which were my favorites!  Miranda Kerr closed the segment and two things really stuck out at me:  1. She had a baby a few months ago!  She looks unfairly incredible! 2. Her ribbon lacing came untied on her walk back up the runway but who would have known with that confident stride and unwavering grin.  Here I’ve chosen my favorite look from the segment.

Kanye West performed his 2007 hit “Stronger” live on stage during this incredibly quirky, cartoony and fun segment.  Comic book lovers would have been enamored by the excitement and larger than life outfits filled with oversized super hero capes, high collars, bright colors, metal armor and more.  The pop art inspiration was seen throughout the cape designs and bold black outlines on the vinyl bustiers.   The looks were exaggerated and the ladies even donned elbow length gloves and of course, no female superheroes outfit could be complete without the thigh high vinyl boots.  Somewhere out there, Linda Carter was jealous.

By far, my favorite segment, the collection opened with Rihanna’s “California King Bed” which really slowed the show’s pace and changed the mood.  Heavily influenced by Spanish flamenco opulence, the passion certainly was evident,  the colors were bold and rich, and the jewels runneth over.  There was a much more couture sensibility with hand embroidered skirts and meticulous attention to detail.  The angels draped in jewels, even creating a floating jeweled corset in one look.  Lots of ruffles and black lace accented many of the outfits.  The opening look had angel Alessandra wearing a gold and jewel encrusted fan as her “angel wings”.  As I said, this was my favorite collection so choosing one look just didn’t seem right.    Two it is…

What would a Victoria’s Secret Angel look like under water?  The mystery was solved in this ethereal collection from the magical underwater abyss.  Marroon 5 played their pop hit “Moves Like Jagr” live on stage for this segment.  I didn’t really feel the connection other than Adam Levine’s angel girlfriend gracing the runway with her presence.   But Miranda Kerr, princess of the evening it seemed, had the honor of wearing the Fantasy Bra during Aquatic Angels.  This is the outrageously priced, completely impractical and this time, stunning yet understated bra of the evening.  She opened the segment with a shell inspired set of wings as she posed as the pearl, wearing the baby blue, 2.5 million dollar (no joke) diamond and pearls detailed bra.

We saw mermaids, fish, sea grass, and other under water angel creatures.  Iridescent pailletes in blues, purples, and green were the main color choices while the fin wings and chiffon skirts floated along the runway.   Here was my standout look from Aquatic Angels.

Inspired by turn of the century New Orleans, this segment was all about the naughty and sometimes nice saloon girl.  “Secrets” by One Republic set the tone for this collection as the sultry saloon angels strutted down the runway.  We saw lots of polka dots mixed with stripes, umbrella accessories, black and white combos, and crocheted lace.  Many of the girls were adorned in layers of  black jewelry with cameo accents and wore fantastic grey button up high booties.  My favorite, by far was this extravagant raven winged outfit with a dark voodoo feel to it!

Last by not least was the young, flirty, and playful collection from their loungewear line PINK. And the perfect music match to this was Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” performed on stage.  Her hair, makeup and outfit complimented the bright neons and whimsical details to each look.  There was an 80’s pop feel with the fluorescent colors, peace sign jewelry, pom pom details and even stuffed animals affixed to the panties and accessories.  I loved the choice of footwear which bright booties or black with fluorescent laces.   The mirror plated outfits were also a highlight but certainly not to be outdone by the neon angel wings and light up bras.  How fun!  Check out my favorite look from this final collection.

All in all the show was fun, creative, entertaining and inspiring.  I loved that each theme was so different from the one before.  But as a first time viewer, I was definitely drawn in. Can’t wait for the next show!

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