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I have always envisioned a very rustic style wedding for myself. Chris also envisioned the same. We never really talked about that sort of detail until we actually got engaged and started talking about looking for a place to get married. Thank god we want the same thing because otherwise someone would have been very disappointed, and it would NOT have been me.

We’ve decided to get married early summer. That means the clock is already ticking! says you should have picked out your venue, like 12 months before the actual date. And would never lie to me. Speaking of The Knot, since I’ve been waiting to get engaged for so long, I signed up for the The Knot years ago. At the time, it asked me to put a wedding date in. So I put one in, and that date passed. Then I pushed it back and back…So Sad! Well I finally logged back in after we got engaged only to find out that Chris and I have been married for over 200 days already, according to my profile on The Knot. I had to laugh! Less funny if I still wasn’t engaged though…

Last Thursday morning we visited The Barn on Bridge, formerly The Barn at Birchwood. It’s an old barn from the 18th century. The drive up to the venue wasn’t spectacular, but barn itself was something that I would love to live in! It was recently renovated after it was acquired this summer but they very brilliantly kept most of the charm of the original barn, while upgrading the functionality of the space. Dark wood beams, old stone walls, spiral staircase to the large open second floor…but also large windows and a pretty gorgeous looking bar. There were some issues we had with the space though. Because of the large number of guests we’d have, we’d have to split the reception onto two floors. The top floor has a completely open view to the main floor, but the question would be who to put upstairs? Will people care if they’re not on the main floor?

Another plus, though, was that the bridal suite was huge! Good to spread out, enough room for hair, makeup, freak outs… The choice of menus looked so good too! Haven’t tasted anything yet but I wanted to check mark every item on the list of choices we were given. Lastly, the catering company that handles the bookings were incredibly kind and really worked with us on pricing so keep it at a place that Chris and I would afford.

So we left that meeting with some huge likes and a major quandary as to how to lay out the space.

On to the next…

Saturday morning, we visited a second venue which was also very rustic in feel and style. It was so pretty but my issue was that the woman who showed us around did not have a great attitude and just put me off. I’m all about first impressions and it’s hard for me to get over that first apathetic gaze. I’m not trying to be a princess, but we’re getting married and most people at least feign excitement, especially if they’re trying to sell us something wedding related. The venue was also well over our price range too so WOMP on that.

So on we continue…

Another note of excitement is that I get to do the MOST MOST MOST fun part of the wedding planning process – I’m going dress shopping today! I can NOT post any details of what I’m looking for because Chris is dying to know what I have in mind and he’ll sneak around wherever he can to find out! He was looking through a wedding magazine the other night, judging each dress, commenting on what he liked, what he could see me in, what he hated… I love so much that he’s into the dress NEARLY as much as I am. He said he didn’t want to be surprised. I told him not to come anywhere near the bridal salon. I imagine him hiding in a bush with high power binoculars peering through a window. What a loving creep. ..

Been talking to DJ’s and photographers so more on that in the next blog!

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