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The “healing powers” of the sun have been well researched and documented, going back centuries. Various forms of light therapy can be traced back to biblical times and to virtually all ancient cultures. In later years, research in the 1920s established that specific wavelengths of sunlight trigger the germination of of seeds and their subsequent growth into mature plants that provide nourishment. In other words, Light is Vital to Life.

So what does this mean to us? It’s a fact that certain kinds of light can stimulate mitosis (cell division) which is fundamental in replacing damaged cells in our bodies. Now, if I told you that this can occur as part of a treatment that I use in my office to help injury and disease, that would be awesome, right?  Well, I do.

The Erchonia Low level Laser is the ony FDA approved laser on the market that is patented for its frequency. The frequency used is 635nm, the closest frequency to the SUN. The Low Level Laser helps the cells of the body repair by enabling the cells to produce more ATP, which is energy, for faster tissue repair.

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