{Truth in the Tinsel} An Advent Experience for Young Children

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You might a remember a similar post about Truth in the Tinsel from last year about this time.  It seems like blog posts are cyclical, especially when holidays are near.  It’s great post fodder and I LOVE to talk about holidays.  

Can you tell?

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That’s just since October…

So, last year I told you about this awesome Advent curriculum that I found while searching the internet and I quickly jumped on board as an affiliate.  Yes, if you were to purchase this ebook, I would get a portion of the sale amount.  PLEASE do not let this deter you from reading further or even thinking about buying this curriculum.  It is great enough for me to be excited to write about it for the second year in a row.  My children have been talking about getting started again since Halloween.  I cannot express how wonderful Truth in the Tinsel is.


What is it?


Truth in the Tinsel is an Advent curriculum for young children that takes all the guess work out of teaching them the true meaning of Christmas one day at a time.


What is included?


  • Bible passage with hyperlink to online Bible (this is really great if you or your children have a table).

  • “Clue” for your children to listen for while reading the passage to keep them focused on the main points. This clue can be printed out as part of a paper chain or to be incorporated into your existing Advent calendar.

  • Craft/activity to engage your child with hands-on learning.  This illustrates the main idea for the kids and allows their minds to see the message.

  • Paper chain template

  • Craft templates

  • extra “do-togethers” to elaborate on the day’s lesson

  • 4 types of lesson plans

  1. by day
  2. by event
  3. by character
  4. church curriculum (separate download)


This is one of the best things about this program.  You can choose to go day by day through Advent, but if you are busy like I am, there may not be time everyday to do a full activity.  I found that going by event was the best thing for my family.  Our schedule doesn’t allow for a whole lesson plan everyday, but we sure can read the passages before bed and focus on the main events and characters on the weekend and when we have extra time.  


The Church Curriculum is written for classroom setting.  If you are a Sunday school teacher, childcare provider or just have a big family, this is a great option!


What ages is this for?


I think that this is written on a level to work with preschoolers, but I started with a (just barely) 3 year old and he enjoyed it far more than I realized at the time.  I think children as young 1 can at least be present for the story and make their own ornament.  I also think that as long as your children enjoy the activities and time spent together focusing on Jesus, it works.  As they get older they can help the younger ones 🙂  Experiencing the Christmas story this way lays a foundation for the rest of their lives.  They will not forget this tradition.  


How much is the ebook?



and yes, I paid this for my copy.  It was worth every penny!


 photo Truth-in-the-Tinsel-Ornaments-250-1024x1024_zps01f7588c.jpgI also recommend the printable ornaments that are $3.99.  It adds an extra dimension or quick activity on busy days.


If you are looking for an Advent program for your children I HIGHLY recommend Truth in the Tinsel.  

Instead of just reading one story book or giving a piece of candy every day, this program provides a clear, hands-on connection to the Christmas story for your children.


In the mean time…looking for Thanksgiving ideas?  Check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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