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Summer has officially arrived, and for most of us, it’s a very welcome old friend —  time at the beach, grilling with neighbors and fantastic vacation plans.  But summer also means warm-weather fashion.  And for those of us who endured the long winter in the comfort of our kitchen home, well…shorts and tight shirts can leave us feeling underwhelmed.

But the reality is that when we fail to update our fashion choices to reflect out current size, we make an already depressing situation worse.  We might be unhappy with our size (shocking!), we might be playing the waiting game because “this too shall pass”, or we might be completely unsure how to dress our current body whatever the state. But whatever the reason, when we fail to look at our present size with honesty, compassion, and even strategy, we neglect wonderful opportunities to soothe our frustrations by playing up our assets and embracing exciting fashion trends that are not select prizes reserved for the “perfect” body.

The internet is full of advice on dressing for curves, but here are three particularly helpful pieces of advice: 

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2.  Don’t be afraid of color or fashion trends.  You want to feel good and you want to let your beauty shine—so why hide in dull colors and styles?  As a woman, you shouldn’t run to Junior trends and fads anyway. (It’s mostly yoga pants and a cropped t-shirt.)  Try a cute flouncy dress that cinches the waist (like above).  Yes — cinching the waist in just the right place can have the most slimming effect.  And don’t forget this summer’s most popular trend — the Maxi dress!  It simply elongates the body and there are so many fun patterns.



3.  Embrace accessories!  Chunky necklaces, fun earrings and adorable shoes make a statement every season, every size.  Test drive some new styles and colors this way so you can dip your toe in the water of fashion fun.  Pair some of the summer’s lovely pastels with gold accessories — white jeans or capris can be very slimming.


Two favorite pieces of research? (a) don’t wait to be the size you want to be to dress in a way that makes you feel good.  If you wait, you will feel down on yourself and that makes accomplishing your goal even more difficult, and (b) always start with a good foundation.  Properly fitting undergarments are an investment but it is worth it to feel pretty and to remind you of your feminine side all day long.

Let’s stop beating ourselves up!  Let’s embrace items that show that we know what’s “on trend” fashion-wise and we can wear them well.  And even though sometimes we hope the scale will start swinging the other direction — let’s commit to wearing clothes that tell a simple truth — we’re always worth the effort.

What are your tips and tricks for dressing fashionably, and feeling good when the scale isn’t cooperating?


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