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Ann Taylor Lace BlouseI know —  when we think of lace we either think of little girl dresses or our grandmother’s parlor accented with doilies. Of course, some of us go straight to lacy underwear and coordinating sets—and I applaud you for that effort!

However, this Spring, watch for lace in all sorts of unexpected fashion places: insets on clothes, accents in scarves, overlays on jackets and blazers.  Your challenge is to get over your mental image of how lace should be used, and give this fun, feminine option a try

There is something so gentle and inviting about lace. It can either be dressed to look girly and fun or sexy and chic. Lace even works in a corporate setting—just keep it to a minimum so you don’t look childish.  After all, wearing too much lace communicates youth, fragility and cuteness while you are a corporate dynamo! 

Instead, add lace in hints to distinguish yourself and to make a fashion statement.  Opt for a blouse with a lace collar or lace accents and trim instead.  Pair it with blazer, a pencil skirt, and some pumps. Below, I paired a lace trim collared  dress with a black blazer.  A little color, a little lace, a big look.b2ap3_thumbnail_lace-and-blazer.jpg

If you don’t want to put lace on your clothes, think of using it to accessorize! A great way to incorporate lace into your outfits to add lace accessories such as headbands, hair ties, or multi-beaded bracelets tied together with a lace bow. Lace insets or overlays on scarves will also be big this season. b2ap3_thumbnail_lace-head-wrap.jpg

Just don’t forget to use color to make the statement to balance the lace.  For example, try pairing a white lace blouse with a navy blue skirt and matching pumps! And don’t forget about a casual look, too!  Lace and Cowboy Boots is a timeless and beautiful combination.  


 What do you think of lace?  Is it for the workplace or just out for fun? 

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