Totcho Tuesday

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If you haven’t experienced Totcho Tuesday at Shoo Mama’s Farm Fresh Café in West Chester, PA, then your taste buds have no idea what they’re are missing.

When I find myself in a lunch rut, packing the same sandwich or ordering the same take-out over and over again, I feel like my taste buds are dying a slow death. Not anymore! I found Totcho Tuesday at Shoo Mamas! This incredible bowl of goodness is called Totcho instead of nacho because the base is tater tots instead of tortilla chips. Who can say no to a tater tot? I know I haven’t been able to say no since the lunch line in grade school.

Then, the tater tot base is load with your choice of toppings. You can make a breakfast Totcho with eggs, bacon, cheese and peppers. Also available is the buffalo chicken tender Totcho, chili cheese dog Totcho and, of course, the original.

Always build to order, fresh, local and organic!

Order your Totcho creation every Tuesday from 3:00-8:00pm.

Meghan Kelly

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