Top Philly Trend Hits the Blowout Bar at La Difference!

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Learn how Jamie Sager, hairstylist and makeup artist at the La Difference Salon and Spa Blowout Bar, helped my inner glamour goddess shine! See the before, after and late-into-the-evening pictures from my night out on the town in Chester County.

Hair and makeup have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love styling my clients to their mood and seeing the look on their faces when they know they are beautiful.” – Jamie Sager (pictured here)


Ladies, you know the drill – your Saturday is packed with errands, cleaning, shopping, hitting the gym (on a good day), cooking, working…the list goes on and on. When you are finally ready to ‘get glammed’ for the evening, you’re probably left with about half an hour or less and no energy left in the tanks to tend to your locks or get creative with your makeup routine. Last weekend, I was in this exact situation.

My Philly friends kept raving about the new blowout bar trend. It seemed very ‘Jetson’s-like” where you walk in, order your hairstyle and then walk out, fully coiffed. Although tempting, I was not about to drive to Philly from West Chester for the Jetson’s treatment. Luckily, I discovered Jamie Sager instead. Jaime is the Blowout Bar guru at La Difference Salon & Spa and she turned me from tragic into fantastic for a night out with my husband and friends.  Jamie makes you feel comfortable and helps you instantly relax with her laid-back and happy demeanor – a glass of the complimentary wine doesn’t hurt either.


Ugh! I might have been smiling in this photo, but I was really not happy about having my picture taken with no makeup and my awful hair tied up and ratty.

First, Jamie will take you through the four “Destination Hairstyles” offered at the La Difference Blowout Bar: New Yorker, Main Line, South Beach and Big Texan (pictured below). With the help of Jamie’s expert eye, she can also suggest a combination of these four options to customize your style to match your event. We went with a combination of South Beach and New Yorker for me. I was going to see one of Mr. Greengene’s last shows and wanted a rocker vibe.

Then, to complete the glam session, Jamie moves on to makeup. In the past, I always had problems with makeup artists because they never seemed to listen to what I wanted. I also have persistent adult acne, so I usually felt like a mess right from the start. That was definitely not the case with Jamie. She began by listening intently to my requests and concerns instead of mindlessly dowsing me with product. Jamie talked me through the whole session, offering advice and tips that were incredibly helpful and fun. Her attention to detail is just as impeccable as her attention to your feelings – an absolutely refreshing change from prior makeup experiences.

When Jamie finished and spun me around, I felt like a new woman. At home, when I get ready for a night out, I usually just shrug my shoulders and say, “I guess that’s the best I can do”, avoiding mirrors and cameras for the rest of the evening.  Jaime Sager, the La Difference Blowout Bar guru, changed everything for me. Now, I have fun looking in the mirror, jumping into pictures and accepting compliments. It might appear that Jamie simple gave me the a night off from getting ready, but she really gave me the gift of renewed confidence. 

I was SO happy and relaxed here. Jamie knocked it out of the park and I felt like I was glowing!                           I thought for sure that my hair and makeup would not last the night, especially in a hot and crowded bar like Brownies 23 East. But, to my surprise, I didn’t have one bathroom touch-up run all night!


Call La Difference Salon and Spa today and let Jamie, the Blowout Bar guru, take your hair and makeup to its happy place!

All Destination Hairstyles are $35. (I checked the Philly salons and this is a great price.)

If you want to really pamper yourself, you can add in a 10 minute scalp massage for $10 and a customized deep conditioning treatment for $15-$30. Jamie will analyze your hair and let you know what your hair needs to really shine.

Call today or visit La Difference on Facebook.

The New Yorker The Main Line
The South Beach The Big Texan

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