Top 8 Feel Good Tips To Brighten Your Day!

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1. SMILE: It takes more muscles in our face to frown, so smile. It helps you actually feel better too!

2. Say something nice to someone. It brightens not only the other person’s day but yours as well.

3. Go for a walk for 20 minutes. It rejuevenates the soul by geting rid of old thoughts for new ones.

4. Appreciate the small things we have: reflecting puts things into perspective.

5. Think to yourself out loud, “What great things are going to happen to me today?” Thoughts become reality.

6. Make Goals, write them down, and stick to them. You will accomplish every single one of them if you keep them in sight everyday and make a daily effort towards the goal(s).

7. Take one day at a time. Take one moment at a time. Learn to be grateful.

8. Know that with each new day, you have the opportunity to begin again…TAKE IT.

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