Three Icy Treats To Cool Off

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Chaz chiming to say I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th. I was able to spend my free time at various BBQ’s, parties, & of course the pool, where I realized most of my friends seem to think they’re professional bartenders! (probably b/c most of them used to be!) They entertained me with refreshing homemade party drinks made for good summer fun & friends!

Three icy treats really stood out! They’re easy and perfect for hot summer days by the pool or parties into the night.

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Sangria Ice Pops
Honeydew Refresher


~Avocado Margaritas: serves 3

In a blender crush 2 cups ice, 1 scooped avocado,  2oz. triple sec, 4oz. FRESH lime juice, 6oz. of your favorite tequila, and a pinch of fresh cilantro. Finally use spicy salt to rim the glass!


~Sangria Ice Pops


Fill popsicle molds 2/3 full with a sweet white wine, like a late harvest Moscato. Which is great because of the sugar content. Chop your favorite fruits, I prefer strawberries, blueberries, & cherries, and add to molds. The more fruit you add the less likely they are to settle at the top. Freeze and enjoy!


~Honeydew Refresher


One of my favorite summer fruits is honeydew. So when I tasted this simple concoction, I fell in love! Cube 4-1/2 cups honeydew and freeze 30 minutes. Blend honeydew with 1-1/2 cups lime sherbet and 2 tbsp FRESH lime juice. Garnish with a strawberry and serve immediately! A delicious mocktail, but for a fun twist add 6-8oz. of your favorite liquor.


I hope you’re able to enjoy even just one of these awesome drinks! Then try out some of your own ideas in your backyard, have a party and enjoy summer!

Happy BBQing!!  CHEERS

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