This is why you should always lock your phone…

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With cell phones now containing all of our personal information and access to so many private things in our world you really have to be careful with guarding your phone. 
I’m not even referring to thieves that would steal your iPhone or identity thieves looking to clone a credit card number off of your phone. No, I’m talking about a bigger threat that has much more access to your smart phones, your friends. 
Most phones will automatically lock depending on how you set it up. It can be within 1 minute, 2 minutes and even 5 minutes. Some people though find this to be an annoyance and simply don’t lock their phones. 
I think that’s asking for trouble.
Here are three examples of what can go wrong if you do not lock up your phone. The first will appear today, the second tomorrow and the third Friday morning.
Our rule at the table where we gather to watch Eagles games is that you get one warning if you get up and leave your phone unlocked, after that, it’s fair game. 
During one Eagles game, my buddy Paul got up and left his phone unlocked. Now he had been given the mandatory one warning so he was now fair game. We realized he was probably just going to the bathroom and back so time was limited.
“Text his wife and tell her he’s staying out for the 4:00 game as well!” One buddy suggested. I thought that crossed a line and his wife scared me so instead I quickly texted his good buddy Hawk who usually watched football with us but wasn’t there this day.
Me (as Paul) “I miss you. Where are you?”
Hawk, “Ah, had to work on the house today. Needed to get stuff done.”
Me (as Paul), “I yearn for you…”
Hawk, “What?”
Me (as Paul), “I miss your gentle touch.”
Hawk, “Dude, what the hell is the matter with you???”
At this point I see Paul coming back from the bathroom so I quickly locked it and set his phone back where he left it on the table.
After a minute he picks up his phone, looks at it, and sees, what I can only assume are several very troubling messages from his friend Hawk and some even more troubling messages that he had sent to him. 
He stared at his phone completely baffled for a second, then he sighed and without ever looking up said,
“I didn’t lock my phone did I?”

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