This is why you should always lock your phone… (Part 3)

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But of all of my friends who I’ve ever gotten on the unlocked phone trick, my favorite target is still my friend Sam. 
For the longest time Sam never locked her phone. She’d sit at the table with us, turn her head to talk and I’d grab her phone and text innocuous things to her friends and then put it back before she even knew it was gone. 
She started to get pretty paranoid after a while because other people started doing it to her as well and finally put a one minute timer on her phone so that it would lock after a minute.
We were out at a local bar the night before Easter a few years ago and Sam was telling me and my buddy Tall Paul about her nightmarish experience trying online dating at
She told us how some of them were really persistent with the phone calls to the point where she now had them in her phone as “Joe from Match”, “Rich from Match”, “Walt from Match”, etc
And I had an idea. 
Doing the classic non-verbal “Make eye contact with Paul, then look at Sam then the dance floor then her phone on the bar” I was able to get the message across to Paul in seconds. He grabbed her to go on the dance floor and I lunged for her phone realizing I probably only had seconds until it locked and hearing the “Mission Impossible” theme in my head. 
I grabbed her phone before it locked while Paul dipped and twirled her around the dance floor 7 feet away. 
I went into her contacts and found all 4 of the guys she had been ducking because they kept calling and texting and weren’t taking the hint. At 11:45 that Saturday night, Joe from Match, Rich from Match, Walt from Match and Andy from Match all got a simple text “from” Sam simply saying “Hi”. 
I swear by 11:48 before she had even returned from the dance floor after one song all 4 had responded! The one poor SOB even responded before I could put the phone down!
Sam came back and after a minute or two looked at her phone and saw she had 4 different  messages from her 4 guys.
“What the… this doesn’t make any sense…”
(Looks up and sees Paul and I giggling)
“Wait, but my phone locks after a minute now! And I was gone more than a minute.”
Me, “Yes, but you left your phone unattended before that minute was up…”

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