This is why you should always lock your phone… (Part 2)

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Even worse than leaving your phone unattended for a few minutes, is leaving your phone unattended for a few hours. 
Last year at my shore house in Avalon, I was getting ready to head home to Philly and looking all around the house for my iPod and instead found an iPhone, an unlocked iPhone.
Now, everyone in the house had gone out on their boat an hour before so this was a phone that apparently didn’t have a lock timer on it. This meant I had all afternoon to mess with it. 
A quick check revealed it was my buddy Ronnie’s phone. Ronnie was one of my favorite people in the house, just a nice, laid back guy who everybody loved. Now, that alone wouldn’t have stopped me from messing with his phone but he hadn’t been given his mandatory warning, so by our Man Law, I was limited in what I could do to him. 
I decided to send him his warning, on Facebook. 
I opened up the FB app on his phone and posted, (as him) 
“I will not leave my phone unlocked and unattended. This will serve as my one mandatory warning. 
Had I already been given this warning someone would be posting as me right now my new very extreme political leanings, my new allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys and my appreciation for the raw sexual appeal that is Bea Arthur in her Maude days.”
While they’re out on the boat one of the girls in our house checked Facebook and saw Ron’s latest “post”.
“Um, Ron? Did you maybe leave your phone back at the house?”
Ron, “Yeah, I didn’t really need it. Why?”
Meghan, “Did you lock it?”
Ron, “Nah, I never do, it’s such a pain in the ass to unlock it every time.”
Meghan, “You might want to consider locking it in the future, and you might want to see what you just posted on Facebook..”

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