Think Like a Scientist: Camp for a Cure

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I have been talking to you a lot about mУЄdchen kennenlernen hannover home mann sucht frau hamburg official site flirten zufУЄllige berУМhrungen usa dating site with free chat Homepage rencontre fille de tahiti Think Like a Scientist recently and I probably will continue.  I am so impressed with the program that they run, I want to shout from the mountain tops that if you have young children you NEED to take a look at what TLaS offers.  

“Think Like a Scientist! is a series of interactive and hands-on science experiences for Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten students. Each class includes a science lesson, craft, exploration activities, and snack.

Explore science and have fun! We spread the love of science, while engaging children in all content areas. Allow us to teach your child to love science and all learning.”

Once upon a time, I was an Education Student and full-time preschool teacher/camp counselor and because of my experiences in various institutions, I have very high standards for programs that I will enroll my children.  


Safety is my first concern.  I want to know that the children are being supervised and are within a legal ratio of children to adults.  I want to know that the equipment is maintained and is age appropriate and I want to know that the kids aren’t just set up with a few things to do and fend for themselves.  It’s sad how even a well meaning teacher can be overwhelmed when out of ratio and even doing her best the unfortunate happens.  I feel for them because I have been the teacher with 23, 3 year olds on her first day on the job.  I did my best and nothing bad came of it, thank God, but you don’t want your children where that can happen.


Jodi and Coleen have a very new and clean location that just opened this year.  All of the toys and furniture are perfectly sized and arranged for young children.  The toys are new, clean and orderly.  The classroom is big enough for the children to play and have fun but are within feet of the teachers at all times.  All children are visible at all times from all angles.  


Jodi and Colleen are also very aware of the ratios of children to adults and have will not enroll more than the class can legally hold.


Curriculum is my second concern, but it really ties with safety.  If you have one without the other, it’s not a great situation.


You want to see that the kids are engaged and learning, but not in a forceful way.  Children learn through play and need to use their imaginations to create a scenario.  It’s like working through a math problem on your own.  If you just watch the teacher go through a formula it doesn’t connect as well as setting up the problem and working the formula on your own.


At TLaS here is a central theme to each day’s curriculum and it is woven into most centers set up in the classroom.  They begin with a story and talking about the theme and then they move on to try each center.  The kids are encouraged to try everything at their own speed and discretion, including snack which is also set up as a center.  There is always a craft and a science experiment and then the other centers may focus on other components of, say, an animal’s environment or making their own snack with various ingredients that my look the animal or it’s food.  Additionally, there are free-play centers like playing grocery store or building so that the theme isn’t overwhelming and each child can explore things that are pleasing to them, using multiple learning styles.  


My kids come home and tell me everything that they got to do, what they learned and what their favorite centers are.  They are disappointed when they don’t get to every center and it is teaching them something about time management, which I really appreciate.  I really like that they are having fun and are learning new skills on top of the main objectives.


This past week was TLaS Camp for a Cure.  All proceeds sponsor Colleen and Jodi in the Susan G. Koman 3 Day!


CampforaCure2014 1.jpg


CampforaCure2014 2.jpg


Each day was based on the writings of Eric Carl and a new animal made an appearance each day.  My kids had never seen a Hermit Crab up close and the first day they came home super excited that they got to experience that.


There are two more camps coming up this summer:


Animal Planet July 21-24 with two sessions

9-11:30AM and 12:30-3 PM


Adventures in Science! August 18-21 with two sessions

9-11:30AM and 12:30-3PM

TLaS is also registering for fall Enrichment Classes!


  • Weekdays for Preschoolers

  • Saturdays for Full Day K and 1-3 grades


Again, due to state mandated ratios, spots are limited!


Visit for more information

and TLaS on Facebook to see camp and classes in action – they post pictures and a parent letter daily!


To register:

Contact Jodi and Coleen at or 484.678.1602.


You will be emailed the necessary paperwork to enroll your child.


Full registration fee is required to hold a spot for your child on one of our camp rosters.

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