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I am sitting in front of my computer drafting this post because I had lunch with my friend Meghan Kelly a few weeks ago.  We spent nearly three hours at the Sidebar Restaurant on Gay Street catching up.  At one point during our (really delicious) meal, she asked me to consider blogging for on topics related to education.

Of course I said yes.

 How much fun will it be for me to blog for this website?  Lots, I’m sure.  What will the context be for my perspectives?  Fair question.  First of all, we have so many great educational opportunities in and around West Chester, there is bound to be a lot to share and discuss.  One thing we have in our favor is a host of viable options in terms of preschool programs for our youngest children; public (including charter), private, and parochial schools for our school-aged children; and the availability of numerous choices of programs in post secondary/higher education. 

 Second, I’ve spent nearly two thirds of my professional life in Chester County.  Over the course of thirteen years, as a member of the faculty in the WCU College of Education, I had a hand in helping to prepare over a thousand teachers, many of whom are now working in schools in the tri-state area.  I supervised the student teaching experiences of roughly 100 student teachers, an opportunity that gave me a front row seat for what always proves to be a transformative experience for those who choose to teach.  The point is that I have clocked a lot of hours in schools, both public and private, in and around West Chester and Chester County.  If you are a parent of school-aged children reading this, chances are I’ve spent time observing the good work going in your kids’ schools.

 Third, my wife and I have completed, with good success, our responsibilities as parents of school-aged children; our three boys are all proud alumni of Kennett High School.  I have attended so many back-to-school nights, parent conferences, PTO events, and field trips that I feel confident about discussing the causes for celebration and the trials and tribulations inherent in being the parent of school kids.

 In future posts I plan to share my perspectives on a host of issues and topics related to teaching and learning.  Sometimes I will discuss ideas that interest me and make think and reflect.  At other times, I will try to connect past experiences I have had with current issues and circumstances in schools and schooling.  I will strive to highlight the good things underway in our schools and classrooms, as well as the good things going in our communities that benefit children and families. 

 Along the way, you will get to know me better.  I am hopeful that you will want to join the conversation by using the comment feature found at the bottom of each post to send along comments and questions.  In this way, I can get to know you better too.

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