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Lots of updates to be made!  Wedding planning has been much easier than I thought it would be.  When I compare it to opening the second store and all of the issues I ran into, this is a piece of cake.  Am I jinxing myself?  Damn it…

I must say though, that while the planning thus far has not been too difficult, it IS really hard to try to schedule appointments to meet with vendors and such since I have to be at the store so much.  I’m lucky to have a great group of girls working for me, but it’s hard for me to feel ok to leave the store for a couple of hours to meet with people.  I’ve had to have people come see me at the store to get some things done.  I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, but it’s the only way I can get some things done.

Anyhow, Chris and I have decided that we are booking The Barn on Bridge.  The rustic details of the space and the warm feeling we got when we walked in just could not be beat.  

We also decided on 6/30/13.  We hope that it will be warm, but not scorching hot by then.  Also, I’m not an extremely superstitious person, but sometimes my Chinese culture and all it’s kooky myths can hold an influence over me.  In the Chinese culture, there are certain numbers that have a lucky connotation, 8’s and 3’s being VERY lucky.  6’s are also good numbers too so while I didn’t want to get married in August, this date seemed to look really good to me.  However, when talking to my dad about the date, he approved, although he preferred 6/9/13 or 6/16/13 because these are considered lucky days to get married for some other reason.  I think there is some sort of chart or book out there that evaluates the days.  I’ll stick with my date though because the vendors that I want are available and I’m not pushing my luck with this short planning period.  

Also, I went dress shopping and I found a dress on the second visit!  The whole experience was very odd to me though, and you would think that I would be in my glory trying on beautiful gowns.  It’s just that I’m not a pretty, frilly, kind of girl.  I like my tribal prints, my chevron stripes, and my studded booties.  This is completely foreign territory.  I can look at another woman and decide quickly what looks fabulous and what doesn’t, but for me, it felt like a different experience.

The first bridal salon I went to was called Country Bridge and Gent, located in Lansdale.  I decided to start here because a lot of the designers whose dresses that I started saving on were available here.  Present were my mom, my future mother in law, my best friend and Maid of Honor, Lisa, and my sister Jean – whom I’m lovingly dubbing the Grande Dame of Affairs.  While she’s not an actual bridesmaid, she knows how to put together an event and will play an integral part in the next several months.  

The first dress I tried on, I didn’t even come out of the dressing room.  NO.  The second dress was pretty close, but not quite right, but the third dress made me really happy!  It seemed to be nearly every else’s favorite too, except for my mom’s.  She wouldn’t say it there though but I could tell.  She would never request that I get something else because of what she thinks, but I just really wanted my mom to love it too.  So even though I felt really great in the dress, I just wasn’t ready to commit. I tried on a few more dresses after that but left empty handed but still excited about that 3rd dress.

One issue I had with this bridal salon was that they seemed to only carry one sample of each style and nearly everything was sampled in about a size 12.  Because I had to be clipped into everything so I really did lose the detail in some of the dresses.  The consultant did try her best to show me what it would really look like on me, but who knows…maybe I would have absolutely fell in love with the dress had it been sampled in a smaller size.

The consultant did freak me out though because she was stressing that most bridal salons would have a waiting period of 5-8 month for a dress, and then alterations would take another several weeks.  Well guess what, I don’t have that kind of time.  I felt like I had to move quickly so I decided the next morning to make an appt at David’s Bridal for that evening.

I know it sounds generic, but there is a White by Vera Wang dress that I’ve been eyeing up since the collection was launched a couple of years ago.  Every once in a while, I would look the dress up online and just look at how pretty it is on the model.  I was feeling kind of giddy thinking about finally trying it on!

Since the appointment was made on such short notice, just my mom and Lisa could make it.  The first two dresses I tried on there were also part of the White by Vera Wang collection, but there was too much poof for my liking.  I felt totally awkward in them.  The third dress I tried was the one that I’ve been dreaming about..the one that I’ve been stalking and imagining myself in.  I came out and looked at myself in the mirror and was thoroughly disappointed.  Lisa and my mom didn’t like it either.  The proportions were all wrong on me, it made me look even shorter than I am and it just didn’t feel right on.  Man, did I feel disappointed in it.  

However, there was another bride to be trying on dresses and I only saw the back of it, but I liked it immediately.  The bridal consultant and I were completely on the same page too, because she said to me quietly, “You don’t have to turn around right now, but the girl behind you…” and I cut her off with an enthusiastic nod.  So she quickly grabbed that one as soon as she could.  

I put that one on and when I walked out, Lisa smiled and my quiet mom’s eyes widened.  I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately felt so pretty and thrilled to walk down the aisle in it.  I forgot what the dress from the night before looked like.  This was the one that I was going to get married in. I probably stayed in the dress for 20 minutes, I just didn’t want to take it off. We added the perfect veil and slip and I was sold.   

By the way, at David’s Bridal, they make you ring a bell when you’ve found THE dress.  The consultant told me to make a wish and then ring the bell a loud as I want.  Talk about awkward…I always feel weird about that kind of stuff.  I just kind of gently moved the bell so that it would make noise, but the consultant didn’t take it away from me and I was walking with the bell and it just kept ringing.  I had to ask her to take it away because I felt so silly walking and jingling at the same time.  But either way, I had done what I had set out to do, and in very little time. 

Mission accomplished!  

More coming up soon…lots of appointments already had, and still to be had about DJ and photography that I will save for my next post.  

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