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Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I boarded the Fall Foliage Express on the West Chester Railroad.  After living in West Chester for 6 years, I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t know about it before.  To my surprise, it was the perfect afternoon date and we didn’t have to go far (Market Street).  I bundled up in my orange scarf and started to get that giddy feeling a child would have about to ride a train for the first time.  The weather was absolutely breathtaking and the leaves were vibrant with oranges, reds, and yellows.  As I boarded the train, the conductor greeted me with a friendly hello and motioned to the snack bar that was located in the back street car.  Did he say snack bar?! (Hot chocolate and apple cider for me and of course my boyfriend gobbled down a hot dog.)   We took our seats and had a perfect view.

Inside the train there were decorative lights and glittered autumn leaves.   It was adorable and cozy and I felt my heart skip a beat as he took my hand.  Normally, I tend to get bored during touristy things like museums especially with monotone tour guides but the tour guide from the West Chester Railroad gave just the right amount of information as we passed things like Cheyney University and the tree farm that had quite the interesting story (I’ll leave that one for you to find out).  We rode all the way to the Glenn Mills station and were able to get out at the historical society.  We stopped for a good 20 minutes with just enough time to snap photos by the train and fall scenery.  The ride back was calm and relaxing and everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.  The best part about this is that the West Chester Railroad does this type of ride for Halloween and Christmas too. Slow train ride through the snow? You better believe we are going for another ride 😉

This ride is not just for couples.  In fact, the ride consisted mainly of families with their young children. But don’t let that dissuade you either—there were no crying babies on this train! For all of you non-believers out there, I put together a top ten list of reasons why this is the perfect activity for all ages.  Just pack a camera and a very small amount of cash and you’re set.  All aboard!

10. It’s heated, has food and drink, and stops for a bathroom break.
9. It connects you to local history and tradition.
8. It lets you disconnect from the digital world, even if it’s just for an hour.
7. You actually learn a thing or two.
6. You don’t need a reservation (but could purchase tickets in advance if you’d like).
5. There are two times the train departs in case you’re a late riser (12 PM and 2 PM).
4. There’s free parking (Wait? in West Chester?!)
3. It’s very kid friendly.
2. It’s romantic (trust me..)
1. It’s right in your backyard!

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