The “No Chip” Manicure…and More!

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The Gel Manicure has become the most significant innovation in the Nail Industry to date. The “No Chip” manicure has made having good nails now a possibility for every man and woman. 

The Gel Manicure has become the saving grace for anyone who wants attractive nails regardless of nature’s shortcomings or ones active lifestyle. No longer does having weak nails or being an avid Gardener prevent anyone from having the nails that they want. The Gel process actually protects the nail from the elements. No Chip Manicures allow one to go two weeks successfully between visits to their Nail technician even with color polish. 

Not unlike Haircare products there is a distinctive difference in the quality of Salon/Spa products and what is available at the local drugstore or supermarket. Hair Stylist/Nail Technician Tricia Cosgrove of La Difference Salon & Day Spa recommends Gel Manicures and adds that they are very low maintenance. Tricia says that a daily application of Solar Oil is all that is necessary to support the Gel Manicure between visits. The Solar Oil nourishes both the Nail Plate and Cuticle. The Gel Manicure is a must for anyone who is active and wants to look their best. 


In addition to Shellac gel polish services there are 2 new gel nail treatments arriving in the market. Both treatments will enhance the health & beauty of your nails. 

Smoothing Gel is a thin, flexible and lightweight layer of protection for thin and weak nails. 

Sculpting Gel is a removable gel which adds length and shape to your nails. Both of the added treatments provide a great base for any Shellac Gel colors.

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