The Nightmare of ObamaCare Continues…

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While the debate over how many of the 8 million enrollees in the Insurance Marketplace actually have paid their premiums, one aspect of the ObamaCare system actually REWARDS those who have not paid.

Changing his mind again, the President has built into the law a 90-day grace period for people who have subsidized exchange plans. BUT the insurance companies are only obligated to cover the first 30 days of that 90 day grace period!

So who covers the other 60 days of your health care? You guessed it, the PROVIDERS. So the insurance company does not pay, the patient does not pay…. As a provider, I could not be more proud that I prepared for this storm, predicting most of what ludicrously has occurred after I read the 2,400 page Affordable Health Care Act and went to a self billing healthcare business last year.

The American Medical Association is very concerned, sending out letters to all their members last week, warning them to start verifying insurance coverage’s of patients prior to receiving services. This will only help somewhat as the Marketplace Exchange is in such shambles, doctors and hospitals may not know when calling to verify if the patient has active insurance because the system does not even know!

As providers, we are obligated to treat the sick, and we WANT to help, that is why we became doctors. But just like any other professional, we also deserve to get paid for our services. This grace period “move” of our President is only going to increase bad debt among providers and for hospitals. Will the administration then “bail out” the health care providers and force our government into more debt?

Well, let’s see what debt May 16-July 15 tallies up to. Meanwhile, the small businesses and middle income Americans will continue to take the hits of the Affordable Health Care Act.

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