The Mystery Of Kinesio Taping

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Since the 2008 Olympics, a slew of elastic tapes have made their way to our market with amazing results! I recently experienced the magic healing of the Kinesio Tape myself, on an overuse injury. A MRI of my right shoulder revealed double bursitis, double tendonitis and an impingement. My pain had escalated to severe during the two weeks leading up to this diagnosis. I knew I had to get the inflammation down immediately, but needed to continue to function at work.

So I added to my rehab routine of adjustments, low level laser and ice; massage therapy, acupuncture and Kinesio Taping. I knew if I could add support to the shoulder, that the soft tissue would not be stressed and heal, naturally. The Kinesio Taping or KMT provides healthcare practitioners a resolution to their patients underlying soft tissue dysfunction. 

Boy, did that sound like me! 

KMT not only addresses the pain by giving structural support, it also helps with edema, pathological movement patterns, muscle imbalances, adhesions and postural insufficiencies. 

As I was out in my community, hearing, “What is that tape on your shoulder?” I realized most people did not know what Kinesio Tape was.

KMT is a tape with adhesive, that is flexible, and stretches longitudinally, consciously mimicing the qualities of skin. A 100% cotton, KMT is roughly the thickness of skin and stretches 40-60% of it’s resting length and is porous. It is worn three to five days without removing.

Wearing the KMT gave my shoulder the support it needed with my therapy of adjustments, acupuncture from Margaret Celli, massage, low level laser and exercise. This allowed me to heal without drugs or surgery. 

Mystery solved…Kinesio Tape is great!

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