The Minimalist Look: You’re No Plain Jane

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Fashionistas always rave about the minimalist look, although few actually wear it and even fewer can pull it off…Afterall, we all know that simplicity is hard.  So what is the minimalist look?  Something most of us aspire to: wearing only clean cut pieces that make a statement and are bold but aren’t loud or mismatched.  Accessories, makeup and hairstyle are also kept simple and to a minimum.

Yea or nay? Personally, I love the minimalist look. When done right, it looks very classy and elegant yet fierce and bold all at the same time. Although I am in favor of this look, I must say it is easy to look incomplete or too “plain”.  The trick is understanding how to wear it!

mujer busca hombre solymar the village church dating great post to read libras dating capricorns flirten met vrouwen navigate to this site click this link here now find out here now check out the post right here In order to achieve this sophisticated look, neutrals, white, and black are the way to go. Make sure that each piece has minimal detail and no showy patterns or prints.

Success with the minimalist look requires pieces with minimal detail and patterns. Stick to two or three colors that are bold but basic. Try pairing a tan collared button up with a navy skater skirt and brown wedges. For your purse, match the skirt and go with navy! Adding a touch of navy brings some color into the outfit, perfect for the upcoming spring months.

If you’re feeling daring, and you are all about color, neons and brighter shades can be used in place of the navy skirt. Sport an orange blazer over top of a basic white tee paired with black faux leather pointe pants. Match this with simple black or tan flats. Adding the orange blazer is a great way to bring in some brighter colors while still remaining loyal to the classy look of the minimalist.b2ap3_thumbnail_Kim-K-minimalist.png

One final tip on accessories: leave out all the unnecessary. Try to stick to one accessory piece to keep a clean, bold look and avoid going over the top. (watch, earrings, etc.) For purses and bags, stick to neutral colors and avoid embellishments. If you added a pop of color, try matching your bag to that color! Stay away from bags with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. Keep it simple and clean.b2ap3_thumbnail_miranda-kerr.png

 What do you think of the minimalist look? Hot or not? Would you stick to neutrals or branch out and add blocks of color?

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