The Holidays Are Over // Officially on Baby Watch!

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Is it just me or did this holiday season blow out as fast as it blew in?  I think my head is spinning! 

Thank you to anyone reading this that has returned after a few weeks hiatus.  Time has escaped me between sickness, pregnancy, Christmas, Nutcracker performances/rehearsals, work and everyday life.  I usually have built in times to write and interact on Social Media, but even those times were lost to last minutes to-do’s.  Plus, I just don’t have the energy right now to push my bed time back any further. 

To catch you up I am 36 weeks pregnant with Baby Lower #4!  Super excited, but super tired and just spent physically (and emotionally sometimes, too).  The older two kids have been pretty understanding when I say that I need to sit and rest for bit, but the 22 month old is full throttle these days. 

My work scheduled has also changed some which requires me to take on a little more work just before my maternity leave.  It’s totallty understandable as we are preparing for my departure, but it does ware on me.

Then, as you may know, I have this blog, 2 actually that I have been neglecting due to time constraints PLUS  manage a few social media accounts for clients and sell It Works! products on the side.  This being the end of the year and also trying to prepare for a little time off when baby arrives, I have been really trying hard to get things scheduled or completed now.

Oh, and we have been passing a virus around the house that has ended in one case of croup (again) and some ear infections.  I can’t seem to shake it and I suspect that it will linger until (or after) baby is here because my body is just fighting for everything right now.

Throw in Christmas and my daughter’s Nutcracker rehearsals and full weekend of performances.  I think that’s it.

So maybe you are thinking “Jen, you are doing too much, obviously.”  Yeah, you are almost certainly right. 

2015 may be the year of clutter removal.  Both physical clutter and not.  Streamlining my life is my biggest New Year’s goal. 

I am currently reevaluating everything that I am doing on a regular basis and deciding if it’s the right choice or right season in my life to include them.  I may need to take a few weeks off after baby arrives.  I expect it will be in 2-3 weeks if history is any measure.  If he is like his brothers, it may be an easy transition.  If he is more like his sister, who knows what will become of me.  Joking…sort of.  I love my Princess, but she was and is not the easiest little lady 😉

 I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and we are officially on Baby Watch.  My others came around 38 and 39 weeks and they seem to be getting bigger and earlier, so I need to actually get ready.

This past week I got everything washed.  Now I need to assemble and pack a bag.  It should be old hat by now, but I find that I still need to check in with others on what I need to bring with me.  

The contraction counter has been downloaded and used already, so I hope to have “news” for you in my next post 😉  If not, I will soon.  No more than 3 weeks is what I tell myself!



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