The End of an Era: Mr. Greengenes Says Goodbye

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Goodbye Mr. Greengenes – You will be sorely missed. 

I came to the West Chester music scene late in 2006 and only heard of Mr. Greengenes once before. My older sister would tell stories about a band she would see at Brownies when she went to LaSalle University that was, “Amazing!!!”

I wasn’t necessarily a music snob, but I had no interest in seeing cover bands. I was saving my money for Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Stones…the list goes on and on. Who could possibly perform my favorite songs better than the originals?

I had seen cover bands before and the only reaction each band would elicit was minimal. I would drink my beer and nod my head in time with the music, completely un-entertained. Six years ago, Greengenes proved my cover band theory to be dead wrong on the stage of 15 North.



Mr. Greengenes got their start 19 years ago on the campus of West Chester University in fraternity basements and house parties. Although the band has seen a few personnel changes over the years, the level of perfection and respect for the music has never wavered

I was an instant convert at my first Greengenes show when the guys rocked it out at 15 North (now Alibis) and I have never been disappointed with every single performance in all the shows that followed. A Greengenes show is like taking your favorite playlist from your ipod and seeing each song performed live by the original band. They are uncomparable to any cover band and original in their own right. More important than critics and reviews, you know they love their fans because five hearts are left on the stage after each show, no matter how small the venue.

In the words of Frank Zappa, “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” I would like to personally thank Bryen O’Boyle, Joe Tutlo, Johnny Phatt, Timmie Loveland and Joe Marion for decorating my life with music. You will be sorely missed. 

To see Mr. Greengenes in concert once last time, visit their website by clicking here

Official Statement:


It is at this time that Mr. Greengenes would like to officially announce that sometime during the first quarter of 2013: The band will no longer be making regular public performances together.


This decision may seem sudden to some, but it is not for us, as we have been planning to move on to the next chapter in our lives for a while. We have often wondered if we would know when it “was time”. As the year began, Bryen determined that indeed the time had come to start the next phase of life, and the band dug deep to realize he was right. Bryen’s “leave it all on the stage” type of performing, combined with the entire group’s pride in being musically solid, completely prevent us from just riding it out too long. That would be unfair. The band does not want to feel depleted for having extended our run, so ending on a high note, and of our own accord is something that we feel fortunate to be able to do. While this news comes with a heavy heart, we are excited for the future and the life experiences that we have sacrificed in order to remain a band for 19 years. 


Our recipe for success had a few ingredients, one of which was the steadfast work of the people, past and present, at Midnight Sun Company. Their dedication to taking a group of cocky, naïve, twenty- somethings, and turning them into a professional class act was no easy chore. The lessons learned from them were invaluable and we will forever be grateful.


Obviously, the key ingredients here are family, fans, and friends who have been there through it all. There simply are no words that would do justice to describe our gratitude. The undying love and support we have received is the very cornerstone of our existence. Through every weather condition, hot sweaty room or bitter cold playoff game, and in every back alley bar to stadium-sized event, you were there, singing along with each sweeping chorus. You made this little “cover-band-that-could” feel like rock royalty. You have given us the honor and privilege of playing your bars, your homes, and even your weddings, allowing us to be woven into the very fabric of your lives. We are blessed with a lifetime of memories and moments that all of you created, and rewarded us with so many fulfilled dreams. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Over the next five to six months, we will do our very best to rock out and show our love and gratitude to the people and places who have been there for us in a multitude of ways. No final shows have been prepared as of yet, but, HEY, let’s worry about that next year because we still have work to do this year! Let’s make ‘em all count and go out with a blast! Then, as Bryen says, we will “Peace the f*** out”!!!!


We love you all!

The Greengenes Boys


PS- Please have patience with us in regards to social media responses. As we are processing this just as you are. This is, by far, the most emotional day in the many years of this bands existence.

Meghan Kelly

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