The Digital Dark Age: Why Prints Are So Valuable

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As a professional photographer, the #1 consumer question I receive from my clients is “How much are the digitals?”

I always answer with, “May I ask why you want the digitals?” Most of the time they request the digitals to download to their computers, phones and Facebook.

I then follow up with, “When was the last time you printed a picture from your phone or your camera?” 98% of the time the answer is “I can’t remember” or “a long time ago”. 

I want to share something that I have learned as a photographer. 

Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace. Do you remember floppy discs? VHS recorders? Slides!? I don’t know anyone who owns a floppy disc anymore, let alone slides. The same will soon be true for hard drives and DVD’s. These advances in technology will move to the Digital Dark Age to join the other relics.

When those forms of media are extinct, the images you never printed will become extinct right along with them. At a recent event, I was horrified to learn that a woman lost every single wedding photo because she only had them saved digitally. When she misplaced the DVD’s, she lost the memories of that day.


In my business, I share what I value. I value prints. I want your images to come to life. I want them hanging on your wall, so that every day you can walk by and see your beautiful family. Your family images should fill your home to the brim. Now, I do sell digitals, but I encourage you to purchase prints as well. I am with you every step of the way. From the first phone call until your beautiful print is hung on your wall. I will help you decide what to wear, the best locations to photo, lighting, to the framing, mounting and lighting of the photos – every detail.

Don’t waste your family memories by throwing a DVD in a drawer and never bringing your images to life.

Meghan Kelly

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