The Best Massage I EVER Had!

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Jeffrey Myers at Universal Massage Arts!

I have always loved massage and, over the years, I have had every kind of massage you can think of – hot stone, Swedish, reflexology, deep tissue…the list goes on and on. With each massage experience, I began to notice a few trends that I find surprising.

You’re the expert, right?

Typically, the last thing I want to do when I get a massage is make yet another decision. I want to escape, relax, and let my brain go numb. As the client, why am I supposed to know what kind of massage would be best for me and order it up like lunch before I hit the table?  Shouldn’t the professional masseuse, the expert, take stock of what your muscles need and then work with you to apply his or her prescription?


Up-charging is not relaxing.

The room is warm, the pillows are perfectly positioned, the ocean is playing in the background and I’m finally beginning to relax. Then, the masseuse says, “Wow, your shoulder’s are really tight. You need a hot compress. That will only be an additional $15.” My shoulders tense even more and I begin to take stock of my bank account, how much cash I have on hand and am utterly annoyed that I’m paying astronomical bills to heat my house and now I have to pay to heat my shoulders – not relaxing.


Poof! Where did it go?

The massage is finished and my shoulders have finally dropped five feet from my ears, my lower back isn’t screaming bloody murder at me anymore and my feet feel like they are floating. That is, until I wake up the next day and poof, my massage is gone. Wait, what just happened? I laid down hard earned money to relieve stress and start to be kinder to myself – my New Year’s resolution by the way. Why did the wonderful effects of the massage just disappear?



I had almost completely given up on massage unless someone decided to give me a session as a gift. However, three weeks ago, I was connected to Jeffrey Myers through a friend and decided to give massage another try. I came to my first session with a lot of baggage and not just the bags under my eyes. At first I was surprised at the location – the bottom floor of a chiropractic office – but once I met Jeff and completed my first session, I new I hit massage gold.


Jeff takes time to talk to you and assess your body’s needs without feeling like the clock is ticking. He talks to you as the massage progresses so you can learn more about your body and adjusts as he goes to make sure you are receiving the therapy that you need. No up-charging ever and the effects of Jeff’s massage lasted for the full three weeks. If you have never had a massage from Jeff, you seriously do not know what you are missing. Give him a call and get ready to feel amazing.



Meghan Kelly

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