The best idea I never thought of

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Yesterday,  I was at Grainger to buy belts for an air conditioning unit.  It was an unwelcome purchase and an even more unwelcome job ahead of me.  Finding a reliable commercial HVAC company is almost a quest at this point.  However, this is not the point of my rant.  While I was in Grainger, I saw a floor advertisement for probably the coolest thing I have seen in a long time, a heated jacket.  Yes, I said heated jacket.  As I stood there staring at the jacket I wondered, why didn’t I think of this?  It seems simple enough.  There are electric blankets, batteries and jackets already so why not put them all together into one wonderful item?  

The jacket was created by Milwaukee Tools for people who work outside in the cold.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Then I started to think of all the other uses.  Tailgates, outside sporting events, sitting around the camp fire that never really makes you warm, spring and fall when the leaves need to be removed from the lawn…riding in the convertible with the top down, in January.  Then I thought, why don’t they make this for women!?  Women are always cold, they would pay top dollar for this type of thing if it was even remotely stylish.  Of course I fully expect an entire line of heated clothes to appear now.  Hats, gloves, pants, shoes.  Never mind the battery you would need for all that, you would be toasty warm!

So now, of course, I want one.  Not only would I stay warm all the time but I would be the envy of anyone I came across.  While the other suckers were standing there freezing with their ridiculously huge winter parkas I would be comfortably warm with a few extra batteries to make it through the extended hours.  If anyone is looking for a gift idea for me,

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