The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Most couples’ don’t see all the advantages of hiring a professional wedding coordinator, especially when their venue or location is including a wedding coordinator for their big day. Hiring a wedding planner for assistance with your wedding and day-of coordination can save the couple and their families’ a lot of stress leading up to their big event.


You may be asking, what are the types of services that a wedding coordinator can provide?

  1. 1.  Putting Together your Dream Day (within budget)

Most women have been planning their wedding day since they were little girls but not all dreams are within the budget. By hiring a wedding planner, he or she will assist you with putting together important items and developing the vision for your event that works with your budget. The wedding coordinator can also be a neutral party when discussing ideas with family and friends. He or she has your vision in mind first and will help incorporate ideas that fit your event. 


  1. 2.  Assistance with Vendor Contracts and Referrals

A lot of wedding coordinators already have relationships with vendors in different areas and can provide a list of referrals for such services as photography, videography, flowers, dresses, catering, etc… With these referrals, most vendors will give the couple a discount for using them since they were recommended by the event planner. Vendors know that the wedding planner will most likely refer them to more clients if they do an amazing job and want to continue a relationship with the couple as well as the planner. Also, vendor contracts can be difficult to manage. Your hired wedding planner will go through contracts with you, ask the questions that you need to and assist with finalize all vendors for your wedding.


  1. 3.  Customized Wedding Day Schedule & Communication with Vendors

Organizing all your vendors and communicating information can be a lot to handle, especially very close to the wedding. Wedding Planners coordinate with all your vendors, let them know what time to arrive and where and communicate all information leading up to the day of your wedding. I normally touch base with all of the vendors about a month before the wedding and create a customized “Wedding Day Schedule” which coordinates all people involved and tasks for the day. Once complete, all vendors have a final copy so everyone is on the same page. Vendors can contact the Wedding Planner on that day instead of a family member or the bride or groom.  No one likes a bride with a cell phone, does not normally go with your wedding attire.


  1. 4.  Tipping and Final Payment for Vendors

Most couples put the tipping or final payment responsibility on a parent, sibling or bridal party member. By hiring a wedding coordinator, this person is in charge of getting payments or tips to the correct vendors throughout the entire day of your wedding so your family & bridal party can enjoy the day without having any duties.


  1. 5.  Transporting your Gifts & Personal Items back to the Hotel

In some cases, your wedding coordinator will collect your personal items and gifts at the venue and transport them back to the hotel for you. This is a huge task and very helpful for newlyweds since you can get back in the limo or shuttle without worrying about a thing and enjoy your wedding night!

Most of the services listed above are usually NOT included in your contract for the onsite coordinator at the venue. Your onsite coordinator at your venue will help with table numbers, place cards, favors & other types of set up but it is helpful to have your wedding coordinator onsite also to help with these items. Your wedding planner has already been a part of the planning process, knows the vision of your event and can make any day-of decisions for the couple. 

There are many benefits and advantages to hiring a wedding professional to help guide you through the planning process but in my opinion, the main benefit is taking the stress off the couple and family. A wedding is a very huge event in life for both the couple and their families’ so it is important to enjoy every minute and leave the stress to someone else!


Reviews from Brides that used my Wedding Planning Services:

“Having a wedding planner was a blessing.  There were so many details that I did not think of and I couldn’t even imagine being able to coordinate everything myself.  Instead of worrying about contracts and making phone calls, I was able to focus on the fun stuff like choosing decorations and flowers.  My wedding planner really made my life easier and allowed me to relax and enjoy my special day. “- Michelle, married May 2012

“My wedding happened to be on the same day that Hurricane Irene slammed into the east coast. In the days leading up to the wedding, the guest cancellations were coming in via text and phone, the weather forecast was looking more and more ominous, and I was in full blown panic mode. Kris kept me calm and told me everything would be fine. I trusted her. My wedding day was flawless, hurricane or not. We barely knew it was raining, the venue looked amazing, and the vendors worked together seamlessly, all thanks to Kris.”- Leanne, married August 2011

“Having Kris around on the day of my wedding allowed me to relax in a way that I could not have done without her.  I knew she would take care of all of the important details, so I could just enjoy myself without worrying at all.  I cannot imagine the day without her help and support.” – Bridget, married May 2011

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