The Artisan Exchange in West Chester

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This past Saturday, the kids and I were finally able to check out the new(ish) Artisan Exchange in West Chester.  It’s been around for about 8 months and I have heard wonderful things.  The idea behind the AE is to

“provide an affordable environment that supports entrepreneurs committed to producing hand-crafted, sustainable foods while sharing sound business practices that have a positive social impact.”

Sounds good, right?

It is!

When we got there we were greeted by two very nice people who asked us if it was our first time and how we heard about them.  They engaged my children in conversation and made us fee welcome. They pointed us to the kids area where there is small activity held weekly and told us to see them if we had any questions.  It was a nice personal touch that immediately made us feel at ease.

We walked down the two rows of vendors to get a feel for the set up with the intention of coming back once we saw everything.  At almost every station we were offered a free sample or stickers for the kids.  We tasted delicious vegan scrapple and fudge, English Tea Cakes, gormet popsicles, caramel almond kettle corn, cookies and coffee.  There was a great selection of produce and baked goods, loose tea and coffee, gelato, sausage, gourmet dog treats and more!

I was really impressed and hope to make this a regular stop on Saturdays.

The Artisan Exchange in West Chester in an indoor, year round market held at 208 Carter Drive in the Matlack Business Park.  40+ vendoors gather there evey Saturday from 10am – 2pm selling produce, homemade goods, food, candles, coffee, loose teas, etc…  Every Saturday you can expect friendly service, free samples, an activity for children and live music.

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