Tangerine Dream

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What is it about tangerines and oranges?  Add them to a simple white bowl in your kitchen and you’ve got a pop of gorgeous color that announces summertime.  Peel one open and the citrus smell offers a simple and happy moment that represents, well…summertime.  So it’s little wonder that tangerine is a go-to summer color that cuts a bold statement without being overpowering.

Whether you wear the color as shorts, in a bright, beautifully cut simple A-line dress, or in fun and thoughtful accessories, this yummy hue makes a great statement.  It’s such a smart and clean color — confident in it’s depth and yet elegant without being showy.  Oddly enough, tangerine pairs well with a variety of colors, including nude, turquoise and various shades of blue.  It looks quite sharp with black or white and even some green.



And as always — if the budget, time constraints or closet confines don’t offer tangerine basics, then think accessories. Add a tangerine scarf to a simple white tee.  Consider some tangerine flats or sandals to pair with basic shorts.  Or how about springing for a cute orange bag for some summer color?

b2ap3_thumbnail_tangerine-accessories.jpgHave you infused tangerine into your wardrobe this summer?  What’s your favorite way to wear it?



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