Stressed? Try Meditation

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The influences of mediation stretch from the head to toe, positively affecting your brain, heart, and immune system and also helping ease the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia and depression. I have rounded up some of the latest research showing that mediation is a powerful ally for mind, brain and body. 

The Body

Boost Immunity – According to Pyshosomatic Medicine in 2003, mediation will increase the antibody levels, helping the body to fight off illness and infections.

Support Heart Health – In a 2012 American Heart Association Journal, meditation proved to lower blood pressure and slowed heart rate by creating a relaxing response in the body. Some lower their risk of cardiovascular events by up to 48%.

Slow Aging – According to the 2010 Shamantha Project, showed that the telomerase enzyme that reverses premature aging had a 30% increase of production while mediating. When we are stressed, this enzyme is suppressed. So meditated and look younger!

Reduce Pain – A 2011 study from Wake Forest and Marquette Universities reported a 40% decrease in pain-intensity rating during meditation.

Manage Cancer The American Cancer Society reported in 2008 that cancer patients who mediated over seven weeks had 65% fewer episodes of mood disturbances and fewer stress symptoms over all.

Reduces Stress – Multiple studies prove that medication helps reduce the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. This will support a sharper memory, healthier weight and better sleep.


The Mind 

Soothe Anxiety – According to the 2014 Johns Hopkins University, meditation can reduce anxiety and depression.

Increase Compassion – hard to measure yet the Shamatha Project while showing participants of meditation a heart wrenching film, they were able to have more empathy causing the participants to be moved and less likely to recoil from the situation. We could all use more of this!

Upgrade Attention – Multiple studies have proven this, especially the 2007 National Academy of Sciences where just five days of mediation showed to improve your focus and attention.

Improve Mood – At The Center for Mind and Brian at The University of California and ambitious study revealed that the meditators over a three month period were able to improve their moods.


If you have thought in the past that mediation was hocus pocus or just for hippies, you are wrong! There is valid science backing the benefits of a mediation practice.

If you haven’t incorporated mediation into your weekly routine, start today!



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