Storing Memories

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free asian gay dating sites Visit This Link rencontre ollioules rencontres 25 rencontre xv de france dating website rome site When I found out I was pregnant for the first time in 2008, I spent my free time scrap-booking and crafting. There was no doubt in my mind that every milestone and smile would be recorded and accented with special decorations and trinkets. I began with every ultrasound picture and even pregnancy tests being displayed proudly in their designated baby scrapbook.

But once my daughter arrived I didn’t have much free time to be creative and I didn’t want to do it half way. I felt guilty that all of the little things I was saving weren’t going anywhere but a manila envelope. I got a “My First Year” calendar to record all of her firsts in and that was as far as I got. When she was 7 months old I found out that I was pregnant with her brother and I once again vowed to get it together and make a real effort to attend to all of the precious pictures and memorabilia.

As it turned out, two children make it even harder to find a free moment and I had to go back to work before I had anticipated, so things got even further behind on my creative to-do list. I felt guilty and sad that all of their things weren’t being displayed anywhere. In my mind, they should both have an individual baby book with every moment of their lives recorded for posterity. Every smile and every step should have a special page with handwritten comments from Mommy and Daddy.

I had to get rid of that guilt and move on, but I really felt like I was letting them down. Eventually, I realized that just because I wasn’t able to spend the time right then to make their baby books didn’t meant that it would never happen. With the help of my trusty smartphone I record everything with pictures or notes with date and time attached. When I have a moment, I sit down and write out all of the special moments as additional notes in the back of their calendars and I save the pictures on my computer. I also have backups made so that there are multiple copies in case of technological disaster (ie, the computer dies or something equally annoying and unfortunate). I will then either send away for pictures through an online order or I take a disc to my local store and print them out myself. It is much easier to have it done in batches.

Lastly, I have a memory box for both little ones. I picked out a decorative hat box that reminded me of their individual “style” and I save all of the bigger things, like their knit hats from the hospital and snips from their first hair cuts, in there.

This sounds really great, right? Like I have it all together…

Guess what? I still had a whopper of a guilt trip tonight.

After coming home from an ultrasound with new pictures of the baby, the kids wanted to know if I have pictures of them when they were in my belly.

“Of course I do!” I said.

We got out the baby boxes and scrapbooks and we got page after page of Princess.

“Where’s Me?” Little Man asked.

I don’t know!

I know I have them. I can picture them in my mind. But they aren’t anywhere I looked tonight.

What is wrong with me?!

I thought I had this all together, but I have suddenly messed up misplaced my baby’s precious pictures. He got over it. Especially when he got to see other pictures of himself as a baby, but I am still guilt ridden.

I am now on a mission to organize even further because baby number three isn’t bringing extra hours in day with them.

Wanna know  where the new baby pictures are? On the fridge and my dresser.

How do you store your memories? I shared my “method” with you, but maybe I need tips?

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