St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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site rencontre concarneau St. Patrick’s Day is a fun little holiday that we like to celebrate for fun.  My kids get a visit from a leprechan at school and at home we enjoy green or “lucky” food and do fun crafts.  Since it’s on a Sunday this year we will be doing some extra fun things at home.  We started some fun things at home this week already 🙂

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dating sites for cowgirls  photo 8b75efc5-3af2-4660-9acf-1e217b30fcc6_zps3c6b6891.jpg The other day we needed an activity for the afternoon. I started making popcorn for a “picnic” in the family room. They LOVE getting to eat in the floor in there because a) I don’t generally let them eat on the floor, b) they aren’t aloud to eat in the family room. Then I got creative with the leftovers.

rencontre hart We set the snacks aside for a bit and got out the construction paper and water colors. We talked about how to make the color darker by adding layers of paint with less water. I let them paint their rainbows how they wanted and let them dry for a few minutes.

Recommended Site I love water colors because they dry quickly and they are easy to clean up. While the paint dried, we cut out pots and clouds to glue on our rainbows. I let them place the pots and clouds where they wanted and then showed them how to glue the popcorn on so that it would stay. They like to use way too much glue and that was actually beneficial here.

The whole thing was simple and allowed the kids to do almost everything themselves without much direction.  


In my search for some fun things to do I went to my favorite place, Pinterest. Take a look at my St. Patrick’s Day board for tons of ideas from other great bloggers and websites!

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