Spring Time

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Tomorrow being the first day of Spring, I thought that I would focus on some fun things to do with the kids to celebrate what most of us see as freedom.  I don’t really like Spring or Summer-it just means hot and humid days are in the near future and lots of time slathered in sunblock.  But I value the time that the kids can be outside getting fresh air and experimenting with their gross motor skills.  It is so important for their development to get outside and experience nature and learn through play.

Unfortunately, just because Spring is here does not mean that the warm weather is too.  When I reminded my kids this morning that tomorrow was the first day of Spring, my daughter said “we can wear short sleeves and skirts and no more heavy coats and sweatshirts tomorrow?!!!”  She was so excited.  She would live in a tank top and flouncy skirt, barefoot of course.  Little Man would be happy to wear nothing but his birthday suit if he were allowed.

In lieu of warm weather and sunshine, which may or may not show up this week, here is an activity to celebrate the season.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


3 paper plates


black, orange and yellow construction paper

cotton balls




1.  Cut one paper plate in half to make the place for your hand.

2.  Staple one half of the cut paper plate to the back of another.  Do the same with the others.

3.  Cut a black circle the circumference of the inner circle of the paper plate for the face of the lamb and a yellow circle for the lion.  

4.  Make a face for the lamb with white crayon or googly eyes and construction paper.

5.  Draw or create a face for the lion.

6.  Tear or cut strips of paper in orange, yellow and brown for the lion’s mane.

7.  Glue the strips of paper around the outer edge if the paper plate.  

8.  Glue the lion’s face in the center of the plate, covering the edges of the strips

9.  Glue the lambs face n the center of the plate.

10.  Glue cotton balls around the lambs face to make the wool.


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Happy Spring!!!

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