Sporting Espadrilles

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“They’re baaack!”  In the fashion world, we could be referring to just about anything.  Today, we’re talking Espadrilles. This unassuming shoe’s distinctive jute bottom and cloth top has been a staple in footwear for a long time — always within the circles of the “granola” set of the 80s and 90s and now gaining mainstream popularity as the basics of the shoe evolve with more elegant lines and details.

Originating in Spain and worn by peasants, Espadrilles gained popularity with Lauren Bacall in the movie Key Largo. And who can forget the espadrilles worn by Don Johnson’s Sonny Crockett character in Miami Vice in the 1980s?



But while we said goodbye to Sonny a long time ago, we’re loving the timeless look of the Espadrille.  Its flat, traditional style now comes in a variety of patterns and colors.  From Chevron to florals, bows and buckles, they pair great with shorts — either longer or shorter (depending on your preference and comfort level) during the summer, but also can be worn with longer skirts for a casual look.


But it’s the Espadrille’s high-heeled wedge that’s simply everywhere this summer and has us in happy agreement. Wear it with dressy shorts, a maxi dress or skinny white jeans — this shoe elongates and promises the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit.


And because we’re approaching the 4th of July, we’re offering a bonus holiday look featuring our favorite shoe. Dress up your look with a blouse and higher wedge, or how about the cute patriotic flat with the same crisp shorts and a Chambray shirt?  


Either way, the espadrille offers  timeless and comfortable options. Are you wearing Espadrilles this summer?

As we get ready to celebrate the 4th, Clothes Mentor West Chester is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project and offering 10 percent of their total net sales from July 4rd through the 6th.


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