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The signs are everywhere I turn and even has featured SPARK Field Hockey on the front page articles.  Have you heard of SPARK Field Hockey?


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A fellow local mom, Susie Macciocca has taken her love of organized sports and started something that her daughters can experience and share with others from our area.  Susie and I first met when our daughter’s attended preschool together and have kept in touch through social media and little things through that last few years.  Our kids are very close in age, although, she reached baby #4 much faster than I.  She is a resource I have in my back pocket (she just doesn’t know it yet!)


If you read her blog on the SPARK website, she displays her love of Field Hockey (which she didn’t discover until she was 14!)  and sports in general as well as why she feels that a program for young players is so important.  


“When I was little, most organized sports didn’t start until 4th grade. You played pick-up basketball, stickball, street hockey, etc with the kids in your neighborhood, kids you met at the park…but organized sports changed my life.

I have such vivid memories of those days, nervous/anxious/butterflies, new friends, first uniforms, team gear, first whistles, first goals, first wins, first losses…couldn’t wait to get out there again…next practice, next camp, next game…

Now as an adult, I hope I can give my kids that same experience. I hope, years later, they are still friendly with the kids they play sports with and they can reminisce over these first days.

Best gift my parents ever gave me was to expose me to youth sports.”




Her love for sports runs deep and with years of coaching under her belt, it is no surprise that she took this step in heading up a youth field hockey program.  But I have been curious about what made it happen.  Was there and “aha” moment or something that literally “sparked” the action.  When I asked Susie what really motivated her to take on such a big project, this is what she had to say:


“I had thought about starting Spark the minute we moved to West Chester four years ago, but settling in was difficult with two babies and eventually two more. As Bear (our youngest) approached one, I was starting to feel like I was emerging from the weeds and wanting and needing more self fulfillment. I have these cards I keep around the house. Little quotes that speak to me, and one day, one of the cards I had been reading for almost 6 months jumped out at me and said, the time is NOW! That day, I called up Chrissy Schuck, a friend and local mom and asked her to help me market a youth field hockey program to the West Chester and Chester County communities. It has been a whirlwind and amazing learning experience. I love this community and my intentions are positive, so however it grows, I am happy and feel grateful for the opportunity to provide a fun experience for kids in the area.“

I don’t think anyone can deny that there is passion behind this program – could there be better way to introduce your child to anything?!  Not to mention the expertise and experience backing these ladies.  And in addition to Susie and Chrissy, thecoaching talent is top notch!


Kelsi Lykens, 2014 Division II Woman of the Year nominee for field hockey and 4-year standout at West Chester University and Courtney Wolff, current Head Coach at West Chester East , will be joining the Spark coaching staff for Fall.


Interested in introducing your daughter to Field Hockey?  

Spark is holding a free clinic on Sunday, August 24th from 1-3 at East High School!  

Registration is mandatory, so head over and set up a profile to view registration options.  

Equipment will be provided for the free clinic.


Coming this fall are the highly anticipated programs!


K-1st Graders receive and Introduction to the sport with 6 Sundays (1 hour long) classes.

2nd – 3rd Graders play as a team!  Every Tuesday and Sunday for 6 weeks

4th – 6th Graders play and learn Individuals skills and team concepts every Tuesday and Sunday for 6 weeks.  

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