So……….when did Patrick Dempsey become McDreamy?

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I like his last name so I followed his career. He was the next generation geek who gets himself in with the hot girl, makes her angry, and then in Hollywood fashion, he gets the girl. Then geeks around the world rejoice because they think that “art” imitates life. But in this case, kids are cruel and it doesn’t.  Years go by, in my mind in Hollywood fashion yet again, Patrick Dempsey is now a stud whom every woman in the world thinks is a handsome man and he never has to work hard on getting chicks ever again. The movie progression doesn’t change at all except for, the next generation stud who gets himself in with the hot girl, makes her angry, and then in Hollywood fashion, he gets the girl and studs around the world unite! I asked myself the question, When did this happen and why did I care?

The last name being Dempsey is one of the reasons but it wasn’t until I started to write this piece that I realized, I was the wimpy kid trying to be cool and get the girl. I felt all those things that Patrick Dempsey and every other wimpy kid or geeky nerd felt when you watched this movie progression, I have a chance! I wasn’t a nerd or a geek but I felt unsure of myself, and when you look at the pictures you’ll see why. I needed to do something for myself to make me feel better about myself and give me more confidence. I needed to do this.  But I felt as thou it had to be something I loved or I would be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

I loved sports, but I particularly loved weightlifting. I was a young graduate starting my senior year at 16 years old, and a little immature in the self image  area and had some fears to overcome. Weightlifting was known as a meathead sport, steroid junkies, and guys who couldn’t get out of the mirror. I was not that kind of guy, I tried bodybuilding but it was not a fit for my type of personality. I really enjoyed powerlifting and It came natural to me plus you could push yourself on a daily basis. I loved it because I competed against myself. Every workout I pushed to be better than the last. I was achieving little goals all the time, sometimes everyday. My confidence soared and even thou weightlifting was and is a huge part of the core of who I am, it doesn’t define me. It was just a tool I used to arrive at a destination. I am and always have been much, much more than I had the confidence to show. The difference is I’m not afraid of what people think and I am motivated by personal beliefs. What was that thing that that guy wrote years ago? “To thine own self be true”…………….. It feels pretty good to actually live that way.


    I was Fourteen on the beach in Wildwood

Thinking I was cool about 19 years old

19 Years old at the Teenage Mr. America Contest in Boston 1976

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1993


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