{Sweets and Treats} Halloween Printable

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Before I am chastised for not posting my pics yesterday, I want to explain!  There was a glitch with my “Before” pictures and I don’t want to post the first “After” shots without a reference point.  I would really prefer that you see it really was worse before 😉

I PROMISE that the pictures are on the way.  If I can get them to work for me today I will post again this afternoon!


 My peace offering today is a free printable.  I hope you enjoy!

No one likes to see it happen, but sometimes you run out of candy before Trick-or-Treating is over.  Hopefully this cute little sign will will keep the ghoulies from playing tricks!

When printing from the Dropbox link, you may need to adjust your print settings to get the best result.
1.  Pages:  Select Page 2 only
2.  Layout:  Landscape
3.  Margins:  None


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